COVID-19 in the United States


The corona virus has never been stronger in our country. By any measure. It's now at its height thus far right now tonight, average daily new cases. Now nearing seventy thousand, that's the highest. Since this started total cases topping eight point seven, million death toll at two, hundred, twenty, six, thousand, and the US leads the world in both categories and with the corona virus at its height. The president of the United States is insisting with a straight face that it's going away. Contending. Ending Anyway, we're rounding ending anyway what progress we've made on it to understand it. We have the best testing in the world. That's why we show so many cases because we do more testing than anybody else. But we're doing great and. Oh excuse me here. I am right I'll be. Three. More packed rallies for the president today even in light of new findings that his past rallies have led to spikes in the spread of Corona virus then there's Mike Pence he's the head of the House Corona Virus Task Force. He's still traveling and out on the trail as he was today, even though at least five aides including his chief of staff and personal aide have tested positive for the coronavirus pence himself has tested negative but according to CDC guidelines. Of course, he should be in quarantine trump's chief of staff was asked about the administration's response to this latest outbreak in the West Wing and the rise in cases across the country. Here's what we heard yesterday and today. We're not going to control the pandemic. We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines therapeutics and other mitigates. We're GONNA get. Because it is a contagious virus just like the fully, but we're going to defeat the virus where we're not going to control it. We will try to contain it best we can. If you look at full context of what I was talking about is is we need to make sure that have therapeutics vaccines. Joe Biden called Mark Meadows by name when he criticized the White House earlier today. Right. Now, chief of Staff Mark Meadows run on television to admit. The. country. Administration, was even trying. Trying to do more to deal with a pandemic no caveat is. Just a deadly admission I've been saying for months as you well know. That he waved the white flag. All the way back. Then some people said I was being harsh. On, fair the White House is coming right out now and admitting what I said months ago was absolutely true. You know Mr President. You have to have a little bit of shame. That's a little bit of shame. Because People Are Dying

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