The First Thing Democrats Must Do if They Sweep Election Day


Any moment now in fact, by the time, you hear this. Republicans may have already approved Amy Komi Barrett to be the next Supreme Court justice she. Might literally be the single most conservative person on the Supreme Court. Certainly, she will be as conservative as Clarence Thomas. She's an ultra conservative and has never hidden that that's why she's so popular among conservatives. And All of a sudden. Donald trump in a single term. Will have appointed more Supreme Court justices than Barack was able to do in two full terms. he in fact, will have appointed more supreme. Court justices than most presidents ever get to do. And Republicans are now doing the very thing they said just could not be done. In the final year of Barack Obama's administration. But here we are. I've talked about in many times they don't play by the same rules. They're not even playing the same game to F. The rules. These are these are two completely different games and. There are options. There are basically no options left at this point. To stop this nomination and Democrats. Have made it clear that they don't even really have. Democrats in the Senate Particularly, Democrats on the judiciary have made it clear that they don't really even have the guts to stop the nomination. There were many things they could have done to slow it down and and they chose basically none of them just even procedural things to delay it. But here we are and she is about to be approved by. The Republican Senate and I could even talk to you about where Democrats fumbled the ball to continue to give Republicans the Senate. But the. That are left at this point. Are Really going to require. Democrats to win the Senate majority. Joe Biden to win the White House and Democrats to keep the house. and. If those three things happen if Democrats control the House, the Senate and the presidency. Which is Democrats will keep control of the house. So you know put that to the side. They are enough of them running that will win their seats and keep their their majority and maybe even strengthening. Whether or not Democrats flip the Senate. And take the White House. It's still up in the air I mean voting is going to have to continue at a frenetic pace. Between a Noun Election Day election day will have to be huge. And and it's possible. But if those three things happen, there are then. Multiple. Very serious systemic. Changes, that have to be considered. And I, think in a lot of ways we have to look at what Chile just did as you may know. As you may or may not have seen. It got very little coverage in the mainstream American media but late, last night nearly eighty percent of all people in the country Chile. Voted to be able to completely rewrite their constitution. MEAN A. Picture major deal it was written nearly one hundred and fifty years ago. Of course, not only by all men, but it was written during the age of of a dictator. And now they have an opportunity to seriously shape shifted into something that is beautiful inequitable. I want to tell you right after the break some of the necessary changes. That our country and our government can can undertake do I think that we will. Overhaul our constitution. No probably I wish I. Wish It'd be a beautiful thing.

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