Coronavirus Is Surging In The US


One, But however you define it. Corona virus in the U. S is surging. Some parts of the country air passing more restrictions to try to combat the record number of cases this as we have yet another Corona virus outbreak in the White House. NPR's Alison Aubrey is with us now. Good morning, Alison. Good morning, Rachel. So when we say the White House we mean in the orbit of Vice President Mike Pence, several aides to the vice president have tested positive for covered 19, including his chief of staff. Nevertheless, the vice president decided to keep traveling to keep campaigning. What's the reaction been to them? You know, the decision to keep his travel schedule intact was made in consultation with the White House medical unit, the spokesperson said. Yesterday and pencils office says this is in accordance with CDC guidance for essential personnel there, basically making the case he has Essential work to do, including on the campaign trail. But public health experts Rachel are really questioning this definition. Here's Josh Sharfstein of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He served in the FDA under President Obama. The vice president should be limiting interactions with others because he could be harboring the virus and he could wind up becoming infectious. And so if there are essential activities that he needs to do in person, he should take extra precautions to do those, but otherwise I think he should be staying at home. Especially given around the country, including places. Pence is scheduled to travel such as Minnesota. The viruses circulating widely, right, So let's talk about that. Alison. What do the numbers tell us about the virus right now? The U. S has been averaging about 68,000 new cases per day. This is about a 30% increase compared to just two weeks ago. In recent days, new cases have reached record levels in several states, Utah, Tennessee, Illinois in Chicago over the weekend. Stronger restrictions took effect of bars and restaurants must close earlier in the evening. This is part of a curfew in the city. Other parts of Illinois have stricter rules, too, including new limits on the number of people allowed together and Rachel. They're certainly a lot of reminders around the nation to stay. Vigil eight, right? Hospitalizations from Cove. It have been on the rice too. I mean, does that mean we're likely to see more fatalities in coming weeks? You know, probably there are still a lot of people dying about 775 people per day in the U. S. On average. That's a lot lower than the highs of last spring. Part of this can be explained by the increase in cases among younger people who are less likely to die. But Rachel there's also been an improvement in treating people in hospitals. Physician Anish Mata is an infectious disease expert at Emory University. He is also a principal investigator for the H M Death Severe trialled at Emory. Last week, the FDA gave this antiviral drug full approval. Red death, severe reduced recovery time to 10 days for 15 days and also importantly, run desecrated treated patients had less use of mechanical valve leaders and other advanced oxygen's airport techniques. Compared to patients who didn't get room disappear. Now it's important to point out Rachel. This is not a home run treatment. It hasn't been shown to significantly prevent deaths among very sick patients, but it does have some benefits and Allison doctors now have other treatments they can offer as well as from desperation. That's right. Doctors have more tools in the toolkit. Now they have You know steroids, such as Dixon Math Zone better information about when to put people on blood thinners. Overall, the death rate appears to have dropped. In fact, a new study that included an analysis of thousands of hospitalized patients found that at the start of the pandemic patients had about a 25% chance of dying. Now they have an 8% chance. So still high, but definitely improvement. Yeah, definitely So younger people, you know, you mentioned more younger people have been diagnosed with the virus. So as we start to think about Thanksgiving Is there any way Tio Tio ensure that college students don't bring the virus home as they leave for break? You know, if you have a college student coming home to you find out if they're being tested, many schools are offering or even requiring an exit test or a departure test. Just before students depart for Thanksgiving break. I spoke to David Paul Thiel, He's a professor at the Yale School of Public Health about this He says. Of course, it's easy to identify symptomatic people. But this isn't good enough. I'm worrying about the student who feels just fine but who happens to have been exposed recently and who could be heading home to visit an elderly relative. And so we don't want to be sending little ticking time bombs home for Thanksgiving. I completely agree that we need to have everybody tested within 72 hours of departure. Now. Not every school can manage this given the cost. But many campuses are offering departure test, including big schools like Ohio State and many small liberal arts schools, too. During such as families that have college age kids either, right? I mean, my own family. We're trying to figure out what we do anything. We're all trying to figure this out, right? Everyone started figured out. So what can you tell us of this boy now, Zim? Well,

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