Full Auto Friday - Round 24

Cleared Hot


Left right and center. When am I going to? Replace the inventory, when am I going to have some new shirts? Let me be totally honest. All right. I'm not a creative individual and when it comes to design stuff I suck so. I rely. On a man that we shall call Allen to come up with the designs. The End. He has done so so for the first time. I now have long sleeve shirts. White One, a black one added a ten short sleeved shirt, a blue sweatshirt with like variety of colors fifth in both black and gray. Basically, all of the apparel for the PODCAST is back in stock. So if you're one of those people that hit me up and said Hey. Get some more shit. Well. I did Allen came through. If you don't like the colors, hit me up and I'll give alice email and you can complain to him. Directly And that's really it. So go to cleared HOT PODCAST DOT COM Click on the shop tab and get one if you want or don't if you don't. Holidays right around the corner. Yeah. Nothing says Christmas like cleared hot. long-sleeved shirt I guess I don't know I'm not talking about. Let's get into this episode. Twenty four a full on Friday. Smoke. North of. Smoke. Kathy, wish should small. Danger close small now. This week's episode I'm answer, three questions and then. Do Little. quitter. quitter twitter. rapid-fire. So I submitted a twitter request for questions. I think about an hour ago I'm not even GonNa look at him fired up and answering as we go. Let's dig into these three. Then, go enjoy our weekend question one I would like to remain anonymous. Last week listening to your expert relationship advice. Well, it's exactly what it was. Not I am not an expert on relationships at all, which should be obvious. Got Me thinking about the relationships in my life I have been a police officer for around seven years over the past six months have lost a ton of friends and family due to my profession. Have had people coming out of their lives do what I do for living I. Always appreciated my friends that didn't work in law enforcement because it was a nice break from work in work topics of conversation I have found that I am left with only my friends that are cops it hard to break away from that world when needed. The friends and family that are left like they walk on eggshells around me and it's hard to be around them. I will never apologize for what I do because I believe. In the job and doing it the right way I also believe in leaving it at work and not making my job my identity. That being said, do I separate from that world when the only people left? are in it as well. To telephone man at. I. Feel you on this and I'm not assuming you're gender because I can actually read your name right here. And I know you're dude so. I feel. I think though that you have already. Recognized some key things having a work life balance. I have friends who are in law enforcement here. And one of them. Specifically. spoke. To me at length about the need. To have people out of his profession at as a friend group and I couldn't agree with more and I look back at my old job and I think that those individuals are critical to give you some context. Outside of your purely professional sphere because if you only hang out with people that you work with guess what you talk about all day long every day at every conversation. That's right. You talk about work. and. It's almost like. Cure eating your social media feed or wherever you get your news from starts to become a bubble of very similar ideas in my experience at least. and. That reduces the overall context awareness. You have the world around you. So you already identified that. Friends and family what makes somebody family I've asked myself this question throughout my life. Does it really have anything to do. With the blood that is coursing through your veins or the DNA that genetically ties you to another human being. My answer to that where I land is no. I am of the belief now that people are your family based on how they treat you not whether or not you share DNA or parents. Because if somebody that you are related to is a miserable and horrible human being and they treat you like shit at every opportunity. Why do you need to put up with that because of their title because they're technically your family I say, no I say that you don't need to do that perhaps give them. One or two more opportunity that you would not extend to a stranger, but if family chooses to treat you. Like. Shit. I would argue that they are not your family. And friends you know the same thing it's title. So to me friends and family. I don't. I don't make a huge. Delineation or differentiation between those two terms. To me what is important how people treat me and how they treat me in the moments where I may not be around?

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