Power. One day area meteorologist said. The temps are pretty low, but that doesn't let a lesson the danger.


29 of their five million customers in Southern California, some here in the Santa Clarita Valley and some south of Palmdale, But we've got a long way to go with the winds expected to keep blowing through tomorrow. Reporting live in Santa Clarita. John Baird K Annex 10 70 NewsRadio forecast all about the high winds blowing across Southern California ones have been screaming now getting winds in excess of 90 plus MPH, Magic Mountain and truck trail. 96 mile per hour Wind gust Marshall Peak 83 MPH high wind warnings and through the hills and the mountains and we got wind advisories in effect for the coastal areas. Also for winds gusting 40 to 50 MPH Those warnings and advisories stay in place through tomorrow. Critical fire. Danger for some red flag warnings are up. Windy, dry weather continuing through at least tomorrow afternoon from the Weather Channel Meteorologist raced educate next 10 70 NewsRadio, So that's here. Let's go up to the central and northern part of the state 360,000 customers of PG and a already shut down with their power. One day area meteorologist said. The temps are pretty low, but that doesn't let a lesson the danger. You don't necessarily need a hot temperatures set up to actually make for the red flag warning. It's really the fact that we have all these dry fuels that are in place. We have northeast winds that are making things even drier and the fact that they're going to be so strong. That alone can have these red flag conditions. KCBS reporter is Holly Quan. She's in Bay Area almost 11,000 homes and businesses without lights in Oakland this morning, there's going to be a lot of garden and fence repair. This week after those howling winds roared through the hills overnight, it's still raining pine needles at times. Like getting streets and debris it all power shut off about 36 different counties of California right now. Some new fires were reported up in that area overnight. None said to be out of control. But

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