What was said in the Trump-Biden debate last night?

What A Day


Let's talk about what went down last night. Akilah quick first impression here. All right. So I was prepared for this debate to be just as annoying as the first one and generally speaking I don't think it was it was quieter and less interrupt. The mute button function was good for the majority of the first answers to the moderator's questions. By the end although senseless non sequiturs started creeping back in also say that the moderator last night Kristen Welker was way better like so far ahead of Chris Wallace several weeks ago you know she kept the candidates on topic she forged ahead with better more relevant questions whenever trump threatened to devolve into conspiracy theories and generally speaking she seemed comfortable being there. So that was the VIBE. But Gideon, let's talk about what trump did last night how would you describe what he had to say? Yeah I definitely agree that it was more toned-down but on the substance I, think trump still acts enlarge part like he's running into. Kept, trying to cast his opponent as a career politician and one who was corrupt he brought up that hunter suffer example, but it didn't quite and it was a little bit hard to follow, and that strategy allows him to evade questions about his own term as well as his vision for the future he failed for instance, offer coherent message on the biggest crisis of his presidency covert nineteen and he at times tried to make the Democratic ticket seem more to the left than it is trump. Seems to always have Bernie Sanders on the brain and several times. He came back to the same point about Biden being a longtime politician who hasn't gotten anything done. But there was at least one specific moment where the strategy failed and he pretty remarkable way by turn to the camera and said, the debate should be about the families of people watching and not what the two candidates were talking about and trump kind of fell into a trap with a terrible answer. Here's a clip of that. This isn't about there's a reason why he's. been up all this Malarkey. There's a reason for he doesn't WanNa talk about the the the substantive issues it's not about his family and my family it's about your family and your family's hurting badly if you're making less than if you're a middle class family, you're getting hurt badly right now you're sitting at the kitchen table this morning to decide what we can't get new tires their ball because we have. To wait another month or so or are we going to be able to pay the mortgage who's going to tell her? She can't go back to to community college there the decision making in the middle class families like I grew up in. Scranton claim they're in trouble we should be talking about your families but that's a last thing he wants to talk about I wanted to say I wanted to tell. Me What is it? Ten seconds Mr President go political stupid. Let's get off this China thing and then he looks the family around the table everything just a typical politician I see that's. Difficult politician. That's why I got elected that. Let's get off the subject of China let's talk around sitting around the table. Right come on Joe you. Okay. So if we're following the logic here, trump is coming off as saying I'm not a typical politician I don't care about your family. Almost. Literally, what he's getting at that moment along with one word trump backed away from raising the federal minimum wage were really out of sync with what's going on in the country among working families. So a Gila, what did you make of trump last night? So I mean personally, I'm not giving US seventy four year old man props for not screaming like an infant during a debate like he's been here long enough he I don't know how to act by now. But in terms of the content of his answers, there wasn't really much worth talking about like. You said trump didn't really WANNA talk about his record at all at one point. He did say that he takes responsibility for covert but then he immediately pivoted to the same old static about how everything is China's fault and other points he blamed. Democratic. Governors and criticized overall continued to downplay the virus saying that schools and businesses should fully reopen but he revealed no plan to deal with the spikes and infections. In fact, he claim that there is a vaccine that's ready and we'll be deployed in a few weeks wad squad we know

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