Who was Sirimavo Bandaranaike


Today. We're talking about the world's first woman to lead as a prime minister. She defied all expectations to take her position and permanently changed the legacy of her country. Let's talk about CD Malvo Nike. CD Malvo Bundle Nike was born city map rap lot on April Seventeenth nineteen sixteen, and what was then known as the country of Salen. She was the eldest of six siblings. Both her father and mother were prominent in the Sinhalese community. That's an ethnic group that forms the majority of the population of Modern Day Sri Lanka at the time saline was a British colony. Cassation many of the top families in the country took on governmental roles and British names even said, he must father Barnes rat watt was named after prominent British general nonetheless, city must family care deeply about remaining Buddhist and preserving Sinhalese culture wherever they cut when city matern eight her parents sent her to a Convent Boarding School in Colombo the nation's capital under the British colonial rule. This was the best possible option for education. Still, her parents also took care to maintain their cultural traditions native language. When city finish her education she spent years touring the country doing social work including delivering food and medicine. She hiked through jungles and rough terrain to help organize and develop Bilas as a result, she gained a positive reputation throughout the island. In nineteen forty city my married a top government official named Solomon West Ridgeway Dias. Bandaranaike in a grand high profile wedding. The two were considered a perfect match. While city must husband played a more anglicized role in the colonial government city, my herself understood the needs of those living in rural areas. Said Ema, and Solomon had three children. Initially said he must professional role was largely that of an attentive wife. I nineteen forty-eight Salen was headed towards independence from Britain and city Mos home was packed to the brim with her husband's political associates, discussing strategy and the future of the country Solomon viewed his wife's role as a submissive one. Still she became a valuable political consultant. She was the one who convinced him to resigned his political position in nineteen fifty one. After he resigned he created the Sri Lankan Freedom Party or S L F R, which sought Sinhalese control of the country and a democratic socialist government city. Ma. Aggressively campaigned for Solomon in the following years and by nineteen fifty six, he won by a landslide and started instituting left wing and Sinhalese centered policies despite this victory, some of Solomon's political action. So divisions and tensions between salons various ethnic groups including the Tamil people in one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, nine, he was murdered in his own private garden. City Mo was devastated even so she took action to fight for her husband's legacy. The very next year sitting you took leadership of the Party and was voted in as the world's first woman prime minister she would serve as the leader of the SFR for the following forty years. City must served as prime minister on and off over the next few decades prioritizing the same democratic socialist policies as her husband, she strived to raise the quality of life of her people and to reduce the overall inequality in her country. Following a win in the nineteen seventy election city. Ma introduced a new constitution that ended salon status as a British Commonwealth realm and renamed the country. Sri Lanka. Her focus on empowering Buddhism and the Sinhalese people alienated the Tummy people during one term in power. An uprising against her party had to be defeated with international military aid from India and Pakistan in the nineteen eighties. Economic troubles in the country accusations of corruption led to a crushing political loss by nineteen eighty-three tensions between the Tamil and the majority Sinhalese people boiled over into a bloody civil war that lasted until two thousand nine. Sumita attempted to repair the damage caused by discrimination against the Tamil but the divide was severe and her political power was waning along with her popularity by nineteen ninety, four city Mas Daughter Chandrika became prime minister, and then later the president of the Country Chandrika appointed her mother as prime minister but by then the constitution had changed. So the prime minister position was only supplementary to the role of the president offering little actual power. Serena remained in some form of office until a few months before her death she passed away on election day shortly after casting her vote at the age of eighty four. Though city Malvo's political legacy is complicated. She paved the way for future female heads of state and lead through political hardships with strength.

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