Trader Joes Reserve Carneros Chardonnay 2019 Review


Then from cheap wine with a wine review today from Trader Joe's they actually have some interesting wines right now. There is a deadline blood or they were supposed to be a wine glass. Mostly Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley and covid-19 is kind of shut down restaurants sales and you know, there's the fires out there are doing anybody any favors right now, but that's where we're at. And so they're starting to see and Trader Joe's has a bunch of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. This isn't one of them. This is let me grab the bottle so I get it right. It's the Trader Joe's Reserve Chardonnay canero. Snap Valley 2019 lot 204. Keep in mind the 204 cuz there's also a 205 lot 2:05 and I believe that is a different producer Jim. All together. These are small production lines from a high-end growing area. This is a crime chardonnay pinot noir grow name is Richard name the 2019. So too young why not drink and now one but that's fine. Drinking now lines are usually made simply let those grapes shine through, you know, you're you know in not a lot of age and not a lot of this has some but not a lot and it just lets the grapes be nice and juicy and bright and when you have upscale groin area with expensive types with high-end Vineyards will have a young lion that what's the grapes shine through was a very very nice thing. Canaris is half and Sonoma happened. Napa Valley funny thing I'm going to label if it's in the Napa Valley where The Vineyards are that will be on the label. If it's on the snow my side to the second Narrows, you know, I guess that's being Snappy or something to take a sip. It's pretty good stuff. Nick an arrow Southern border even though it's Inland is the San Pablo Bay which is the northern part of the San Francisco Bay which has brings very cold cold pack Waters all the way Inland and you get the breeze as you get your basically on the coast, even though you're Inland and so it's kind of a freak of nature in the truest sense that it makes good wine that The back label said it was made by a good Winery and I couldn't really find an avid Winery but there isn't in the same town. They're from there's an avid Vineyards. Who do I end up, you know the wire in the exact same city, so it might be a part of that and they're high-end producer and I kind of think this wine is from a high-end booster. They bought the grace we can narrow so they made it wherever in Sonoma Coast region because the bottles a heavy bottle when you get these $10.99 off but usually a lightweight Echo bottle so it's less glass and cheaper to transport since it's a lighter weight wage actually has a real Court which you know for it's a line and should have I keep my quirks, but I have a whole bunch of them and it's so rare. It's always these kompas. Some of these plastic things or I don't know that's why I'm you know, you know, you should put screw Tops on if you're going to use these crappy things just put screw times, but this one actually has a very decent quarterback, but young wine one you wouldn't age so sign up like thick cork but it's way better than ninety-nine ninety-nine and Trader Joe's chardonnays normally have so it's need to be ironed grapes from a producer isn't really always that into making value-priced wines. It seems they don't tell you much about these things. You have to guess on what you get off, but that's what I'm guessing. It's from caneros. It tastes really good. It's a young one. Like I said the Young Lions are style. That's another thing and canaris. They don't make you online. This is Page nineteen if they just went in 2018 and made the line little more complicated a little bit longer and Barrel they can sell it for twenty twenty five dollars. You know, why solo / 999 that's one of the things at Trader Joe's Is actually kind of cool for Trader Joe's will give you a drink at now young wine with really upscale grapes. You don't really get that everywhere and that's kind of one of those when they really good things about about you know, people say, oh it's cheap wine iron. You got it all wrong you getting these unique wines up. You can't always get everywhere. So yeah keep that in mind if you if you off at the 205 lot 205 is in your store will like this isn't going to tell you everything this is for the lot 204 but it's really good. If you're into Chardon eight by it off. It's it's plenty good. It's some it's a taste of Carneros grapes that you're not going to get at this price bed. So there you go. So keep it cheap. Children out

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