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Fear to get to the political parties whole process. I'm not afraid of, and I'm actually ready for a recession, a crash of value of anything and everything. Why? It is the opportunity to do incredible stuff. But that's my analytical brain. The United States has a very strong economy We will return to our basic economic foundation is not going to be the end of the world for everyone, but you do need to take some action. And some actions will be more productive than others. And one of the things that I think you can do now is take this time. Like you said, Help people gonna be sitting at home and you have a time right now to change your life. Make what? You have work for you. You need to get into lifestyles right now. Join us for our free online workshop. Register at lifestyles on limited workshop dot com. LURD Richmond W. T v. R H D to Richmond from the indeed Mercer Rug Cleaning Studios, Richmond's views, Weather and Traffic station ah radio dot com Station. Good afternoon. I'm Jeff Stapleton. Promising State Cove it numbers after a check of traffic and weather from the my insurance. Dr dot com. Traffic Center official Insurance of News Radio W. R B A Interstate traffic, moving well through Richmond for mid day travel. Still looking at some heavy, slow traffic along Patterson, both directions approaching Libby Avenue, also three chopped to just north of boat right drive, and some delays across the boulevard Bridge. Also roadwork delays on Forest Hill Avenue just north of the power height. I'm Samantha Stone on NewsRadio, 11 40 w. R V, a now on 96.1 FM, mostly sunny for your Monday afternoon with a low chance for an isolated rain, shower and high temperatures. Warmer in the lower eighties. Tonight lows in the upper sixties. Tuesday is a first alert Weather day for the

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