Trader Joes Napa Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Review


And cheap wine coming again with a kind of a fun one. Well, at least it was fun like adults playing until off the fires and Napa Valley half and all the tragedy and people lost their lives and grape Vineyards that have burned and raped Wineries and people lost their life's work off. But rather to be a downer when I dressed wine, this one is called the Trader Joe's Platinum Reserve Cabernet, Sauvignon, Oakville, Napa Valley 2018 lot 97 There have been a couple of bumper crops in Napa Valley Sonoma that area so there was Surplus and then the covid-19 off but these are wines and so to restaurants and for parties and none of that's going on right now. So there was a trip plus and there was going to be a great many wines that were going to be a prices. They usually never AR CNET and Trader Joe's was starting to show this was a velour the Palm Spring Mountain at Atlas Peak and there might be another one all Napa some Indian from a high-end subdivision small places. I think the Oak Grove that's where Screaming Eagle is front Screaming Eagles when it was 100 Point perfect lines themselves in the thousands of dollars and I figured out I'm going to have a 1490. I have one that off. Ghost videos of Vineyard within two miles of that place or or something like that. I don't know where the vineyard is. They don't tell you that when you're paying $49 for high-end. Well, I'll tell you about you all the details, you know with Cooperage what force the old came from who's arrived start with winemaker the history of the winery all and for the price of these things and when you don't offer you get cheaper, so I don't know if there's still going to be a a glut is just the last gasps Trader Joe's were you want to run out and find these small production wines? I think there was a little bit less than five thousand cases. There's twelve thousand twelve bottles off the case for each of these but which you know is a lot of wine, especially when it's a nationwide distribution. So, you know on a Thursday Supposed to go to continue there's resorting lions and in the works that are coming our way out of cheap price, but you know a lot of that, you know a big deal any more with the fires are happening there and you'll see the devastation and I know you know people lost their lives people of lost history things. They worked on forever. You know, I just saw a man who had 100,000 bottles in one of his buildings in the building burned burned out. It's just, you know, it's crazy drink to him. I'm going to do that. So I don't know if this is gonna be the last of the cheap wines from Napa Valley. They're coming up or what? But they're good the 1499. There's over those got a nose that is worth you just smelling it all the different Roma's going on in there is worth forty nine thousand. I mean you don't get that and just regular then there is a reason why these Appalachians are famous and this is a 2018. It's not a young age worthy. Why that's drink it now. Maybe you could put it away for a couple of years if you want to you know, but it doesn't need to you can drink it right now, but it tastes great. It's got a lot of flavor. It's got its Sleek doesn't have a lot of Weights medium weight on the palate. It's liquid has a ton of flavor. It's you know, it's just kind of flows money's nice deal II 1499. It kicks butt Trader Joe's says that it's if it were a retail branded. Did you have an air brand on it? What's so for about $30 and $30 Napa cabs are starting to really ride, you know that when it starts getting more expensive a lot of that is because of its more often. It's it's rarer line mean, there's not enough to go around you gotta pay to get them but you really hitting some really good wines when you get dirty on the upper end or you can go higher the 13 get you some good one. And and this

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