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1020 to sign SC All we'll drive for just 15 5 29. There's more good news. Our new fast lane program will keep looking at the bright side of life, save a lot of time at the dealership or do the entire deal online in major Hyundai dot com and I've got financing options for everyone. Let's do I'll review 2020 Tucson. All we'll drive for $15,529 Total payment. I've got 0% for up to 72 month and no payments for four months with America's best warranty. Hyundai Insurance 1,000,000 Mile Powertrain. Limited warranty. It's always sunny in Rosberg Major 106 11 in Strasbourg, just minutes from the Lehigh Valiant friend or 24 7 on the Web that major and a dot com W. R. Richmond W. T V R H D to Richmond from the indeed Mercer Rug Cleaning Studios, Richmond's views, weather and traffic station. W ah radio dot com Station. Good morning. Gary has here responding on tax return report. That and more after a check up traffic and weather first from the my insurance, dr dot com Traffic Center, the official insurance of News Radio w. R Va. 95 to 95 64 Incident Free 1 95 Slow North bound. Want for Collision 1 95 North bound right at the Broad Street Hamilton exit. This is in the left lane and Children on the side roads collisions on Hermitage Road, Miller Street. Laburnum in you. Bank Road brought it. Cox Road on the South Side Collisions on Midlothian et al. Vs Dr Dan Lothian Upholders Parkway in Whole Street Agenda Toe Rady 11 40 ve ano 96 Point. Whatever. Good morning you ready for an active weather We today low eighties Lots of clouds A 20% shower tent into the afternoon. First alert weather for tomorrow. Heavy rain in particular at night in Wednesday morning, mid seventies tomorrow, 70%

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