Trump receiving remdesivir antiviral drug as part of experimental treatment


Trump remains at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after testing positive for the Corona virus and showing symptoms of covert 19. He's expected to remain there for a few days for treatment that includes the antiviral drug grim death Severe NPR's Richard Harris. This drug is designed to stop the virus from mats producing inside the body. And the FDA has authorised its use, but specifically for people who are sick enough that they need help breathing. You know when it was tried in people with mild to moderate symptoms that actually didn't seem to help, But I should say that observation was based on a small sample, so we don't really know exactly where this drug is useful and a video president Trump tweeted last night, he said. He is feeling better, but at the next few days of his treatment will be the real test. The video came after contradictory messages that cause some confusion about his condition.

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