Whats Holding You Back?


Get paid for it. So if you love eating, there's a way to get paid for that. I missed my other calling. We got a lot of response after that show from a lot of other women who said that they wanted to find greater fulfillment in their jobs in their lives but they really just don't know how to do it, which is a key question I know like. In New Brunswick Canada who wrote to me saying I've worked as a secretary for over twenty years for many of those years I hated the work and then I just adjusted I decided to make the best of it. She says decided it's a living and when I saw your show about women who love their jobs, it really hit a sensitive chord with me sometimes I just want to. Do it leave what I'm doing and do something that I really love. But there, truly so many obstacles if only I could see that it's possible if only I could get beyond the fear, those are all such key words only I could see only I could believe only I could get beyond the feared. That's what's holding you back and we want to get you beyond the fear and. To understand exactly what is holding you back from living the life of your dreams I, call it from being who you really are. We're here to help you understand that there are choices. There are choices, choices, choices that you make and have made every single day of your life that lead you and have led you toward or away from fulfillment whether it's a career or in your personal. Life the question is, what makes some women achieve their goals while others don't I I want to take a look at the story of Bonny Warner. She is an exceptional woman who has achieved exceptional things and she's been following a map that she laid out for herself at the age of fourteen. Now, your goals may not be as big as Bonnie's, but there's a great lesson in her story. I was your very typical high school student and I remember saying. Another assembly with another speaker, there's this guy that came to our assembly, a mental list of one hundred things in his life that he wanted to accomplish need accomplished like eighty nine of them, and I couldn't think of one hundred things to do in my life. But I could think of five I wanted to go to a good college I wanted to go to the Olympics I wanted to be a TV commentator I wanted to be a private pilot. And I wanted to build a log cabin. have no idea where they came from. It was just dreams of a fourteen year old Bonnie Warner's big dreams became her map for life but there were challenges along the way her parents divorced when she was young, we had some tough times. My mother was elementary school teacher and for a while she was disabled and we were on food stamps for a little while I knew, I had the ability to go to any. College. But we didn't have the finances. So I just really really worked hard and feel hockey so that I could get a scholarship to Stanford and it worked Bonnie was ready for her next goal I wasn't sure if I could ever really become an Olympic athlete but I thought I could maybe be an Olympic torchbearer and when there was an application for it, I filled it out and Bingo I got it. It really changed my life. She was on her way to the Olympics there. She took a ride on that thrilling winter sport called lose. Because I wasn't thinking the very first time I took a drive that I would be on Olympic team but. It very quickly became that. She took long breaks from college to keep her Olympic Dreams alive she sold her prize Olympic pen collection for extra money. Bonnie made the US luge team and went to the Olympics, three times after seven years she graduated and landed a job at a big market TV station covering the Olympics between edit sessions often have to go work out and run up and down the streets of San Francisco to stay in shape with money pocket. She took off for her dream of becoming a pilot and I fell in love with it. The very first day got licensed six weeks later. Jon Balka to open. Now, I'm really my dream job I, love what I do of seven twenty, seven captain for united when I first started learning to fly I. Didn't think myself why I can't. Leave the airport and I go to my other life, which is trying to make the Olympic bobsled team. I've never won an Olympic medal and maybe the odds against well I. Say the only thing that's impossible is to win a medal if you don't try so trying. My number one priority in my life because my family loved just sitting by the sandbox playing with little Katie sometimes some things that drive me when I'm working out and I don't feel like lifting that extra weight or running a little bit harder I don't want to ever quit because I want to be a good example for Katie I. Have One last goal and that's to build a log cabin. Maybe as a family, we're going to build a log cabin, but it will happen. Small potatoes for you. Log Cabin you can do that in between flights well, I believe. Law. So you WANNA physically build it yourself or you just want to have one built? No no no. I want to build it myself like log by log a well. Yeah. You know that's why I got a big strong firefighter have to do. You don't have to do that you. Can. You know there are people who build One of those kits. And SORTA, these little these. Diagrams and stuff and I'm GonNa get a piece of land someday when life calms now, Dean put a chair here. So binding can come up here. You know. What's really I think Bonnie can inspire a lot of women today because the question is, what is the difference between Bonnie and everybody else in this woman who wrote saying I wished I could I wish I wished I could do you know what it is Bonnie? I think it's it's finding a passion. I love being a mother I love being an airline pilot. And I love the Olympics. So it's it's easier to to set out a map to follow the map. Now, if going to the dentist was my mission for the day I think I'd get lost. Yeah. I don't have a passion had big dreams for yourself. Out these goals when you were how old Fourteen fourteen. Now what I say Dr, Austin who wrote the book what's holding you back is going to be joining us in a moment. But what I hear is the key and I hope everybody can can get this the difference between you and everybody else I interview is what you believe what exactly I mean that's what you believe. If you have a goal and you believe in it, you can achieve it and I think you have to also really want it and I think it's the passion in that goal that that makes it easier to to. If there's an obstacle out there. You don't even see it even or if it's there, you figure out well, you can go around it or under it or over it or threes. The belief is there if the belief is there and also not taking no for an answer I remember in college when when my coach said you can't lose field hockey but I had to do field hockey to pay for college and I had to do lose to be in the Olympics so I wrote is the only all nighter college I wrote A. Fourteen page paper to explain to my coach how I could do it all and that paper's got me my scholarship and just the other day somebody was saying that you know Bonnier thirty eight years old you can't possibly win Olympic model. So I I won't win it if I don't try so I, sat down and I wrote a twenty page paper to myself. It's just a myself on how I'm going to go about doing it. You just have to make a plan because then each day mix has a mission or a goal you know. These issues might sound familiar to you take a look. I'm afraid of spending the rest of my life just doing what I'm doing now. It scares me because I'm not ready to leave my comfort zone. I'm very anxious about being able to handle. Everything that comes along with having a career and a family at the same time I'm having a really hard time at work recently and it's mostly because of. One person there my boss. I've cried myself to sleep at night wondering what my purpose in life is. If only, I could get that special break on meet the right people I need to

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