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How this week off. Calm the media regulator put out a pretty stark warning traditional. Uk broadcasting is at risk without radical shake-up but at risk of what and. What kind of shakeup are they talking about already. This ofcom is given the go-ahead to two new tv channels including one from rupert murdoch's news. Uk and ofcom is reportedly about to take on the massive task of regulating online harm including social media platforms like youtube an instagram but is a uk regulator really able to police the world wide web. While i'm joined by the person best able to answer those questions day. Melanie does is the newish chief. Executive of com a job. She started in february this year. And she's giving her first major interview to the media. Show elanie welcome to the media. Show thank you very much. Let's start with a quickfire round what you listen to this morning. Gosh i was listening to bbc. Radio news radio four today program. Which is what i often do in the mornings. I'm also these days increasing times radio well but that's how often wake up in the morning. I watched your perm new source. That you i heard two in the mornings day program. So it's a mix of the traditional newspapers. We got quite a lot in our household during the day. I i look at sky news up quite a lot. also bbc news and i'm a fan of bbc. Radio and things like newscast is one of my favorites as well. What was the best thing you've seen on. Tv recently This time of year for me and my family is definitely strictly is just that time of year. Isn't it so. We're addicted to that. Every saturday night and sunday night for the results. Show georgia tech news most evenings. Some evenings are sometimes. Watch the bbc news. Sometimes i tv but to be honest increasingly like a lot of people. I'm i'm watching things on ketchup or doing things on the radio. Lord by the world catch up shortly in terms of online video. Subscriptions huge choices as disney plus amazon. Prime video netflix. Do you have. We've got two three disney but we've got net flicks and prime and some of the others so so we watch a real bletchley of traditional british tv alongside some of the new streaming services and we'll come onto kind of that balance and what it should look like in the future life for those who don't know huge amount about your background your career. You very distinguished career seven. Have you have actually worked in the arts or media or on a film set. Tv newsroom any of that stuff. No i never have myself. But of course what what i what i do bring is inadequate. Lot of understanding. You're kind of public policy. And how you make decisions in that context and i am also an avid viewer and listener. Tv and radio. Why would come appoint someone who's a massive public policy but it hasn't got a background in media and communications. I mean sharon. What was she went to the treasury for many is what does that say about the thinking behind that your appointment what. I'm not so much sure about my own appointment but the important thing in off comments that we have got a lot of experience from all sorts of different walks of life. We've got people who are radio engineers. He knew everything about managing spectrum. Which is one of the jobs we do. We've also got a lot of people with a background in the broadcasting industry. So might my job is to leave the organization and pull that together now. This is the show. We talk a lot about off. Komo news programming media regulator. This may not realize quite how broad you'll remain is. Could you just give us a quick run through of the cost of various that. Come under your purview. The communications regulator. So we look at things like how we get broadband improved across the country and mobile phone services making sure that the consumers valley served. But we also gonna come onto you today. We oversee the broadcasting costing sector and some of the rules and regulations that were that just says of come does a content regulator. Can you talk us through this week's ruling you made over i tv. What did you find what happens next. We found that. I had broken our rules. This is about how they were running on their competitions and some viewers who who wrote in and we're in that competition didn't have their votes counted. So what was great with a really good engagement with tv. The moment they spotted this they told us about it and they've they've really taken steps to address it so we won't be taking any further action but they did break the rules the rules. Should they be punished including facing fines. Well in this case it was human error it was just about putting the data on a spreadsheet incorrectly. And also i. Tv did engage with us really well. I'm really constructively right from the beginning. So we take that kind of thing into account and that's why we'll be taking further action of comes authority outfit. Come from the fact that it can hurt people financially. There's a bit of social stigma opprobrium attached to the fact that you might be found against by off calm but is your power ultimately that you can hurt people in their pocket. Well i mean. I think when you a regulator you've got a range of things that you're you're able to do one of them. Yes is to is to sanction people and find things but ideally is a last resort. An awful of ofcom does and we've been. We've done this in the report. We publish this week is actually bring research and evidence bear on on important questions and to make sure this transparency about what's going on let's focus a little bit on euro as a content regulator and look at some of the other big media stories around this week so all of a doubt in the culture sector. You must speak to you. On a regular basis. as written to netflix's asking them to make clear their drama series. The crown is fictionalized. Now if the crown with broadcast on bbc one and therefore fell under of comes burkas code which you guys make. The bbc put a disclaimer on it. Well i think it's a really interesting question. I mean you know as as you hinting out. There are different rules for different kinds of streams that we can now crtv so if you watching a program on bbc warn itv's for pretty much on sky virgin then you'll again you're watching programs are regulated by off. Commander are broadcasting code. If you're watching netflix six then it's a much narrower so regulations. In fact the regulator there is in holland because net flicks headquartered there for the whole of europe and actually you're watching on on youtube. Then there's no regulation at all so it is quite confusing sometimes for the viewer. Things

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