The Skeptics Guide #805 - Dec 12 2020


Rolling out. Right question is who gets them. I am pretty much. There seems to be pretty much agreement that frontline healthcare workers should be getting them. I like the most vulnerable people and the people who take care of directly take care of covid patients so there were two studies. I saw both coming out today looking at what is the actual risk of frontline healthcare workers. So there's one study which is uk based which was published in the journal of occupational and environmental medicine which found that healthcare workers are seven times more likely to have severe covid nineteen as other frontline workers as other quote unquote essential workers. What does that mean specifically so if you are a healthcare worker. You're seven times more likely to get severe kovin than if you're not basically even if you're even if you're a worker with either essential non essential workers but not a healthcare worker. Then i also saw study that showed that healthcare workers are. This is a us based study. Were not more likely. Get covid from their hospital care unless they are in long term contact with covid patients. So what they found is that they looked at Healthcare workers they found that like nurses overall had a had an increased risk of getting covert. But it was entirely from their non healthcare contact so we were talking about. This is funny because we were talking last week. Like i feel more at risk in the store than i do at work because there's so much ppi and everyone's doing what they're supposed to be doing and this study kind of bears that out. Nurit nurses who get covid are more likely to get there from the community from the hospital but the one exception to that are nurses who are in prolonged contact with covid positive patients and so that's primarily nurses who are managing hemodialysis and who are handling Respiratory care so yeah it's interesting we're giving like high flow oxygen therapy. How long are those treatments. Steve in other words. How many hours a time are we talking for these people. Hemodialysis takes several hours right. And then if you're managing high flow oxygen therapy that can take a long time as well. So that shows that p p. e. when when you know high level the kind that is being used in hospitals and used consistently basically works but that prolonged prolonged exposure. Still probably going to get around it and but those are the those are the people who should be using the end. Ninety five masks right and like i protection and full gowns and gloves and things like that. They really need to take all those extra steps not like just wearing face mask. You have to be doing everything. Also study which showed by the way that you'll have some people wear those face shields like the clear plastic face shields read this. Yeah yeah they do not work as well as masks so there are not a substitute for wearing a mask. It's okay to use them. But you need to have a mask to. I don't think i've ever seen somebody where instead of a mask. Yeah that's not consume in our hospital but people obviously are wearing masks and eat them or in the hospital. I've only seen in addition to masks. Maybe some people outside the context of a hospital think. Oh i can just wear the see-through facemask there's like just a giant underneath your right now. So what is the face shield actually doing even in conjecture evening getting on the rest of your good for spin. It's not good for sneezes. Because i just recently reading about the disease that created when you sneeze can actually go above and below and inside the mask. So they're trying. Some japanese company was trying to redesign masks to ameliorate that. But yeah you gotta use. Yeah the goal is to have a mask. That's just as good fishy or that's just as good as a mask so you don't need a mask which would be a boom for these frontline people. Because they wouldn't have to wear a mask on their face all day but we're not there yet. Yeah that's like biohazard. Sue sneeze shield really like a sneeze guard at a salad. Yeah that's basically it's just impenetrable but it has a giant gap at the bottom. Bob how well does it work for your germ cloud right there. Are there are workers at the hospital. Who if your respiratory therapist. Who's going around seeing patient to patient there in full gear like they have rebrith on. They have gas masks on. Not legit steve. They're wearing something that's giving them. Oxygen now no no. It's there it's full. They have a filter like they. Have you know what. I mean like an army filter so they have a full face mask on within their breathing through a filter. Okay with no gaps like. It's close everywhere. Yes that's the point. It really tightly. Nothing's getting in. That hasn't been filtered. Yes correct and filter. I'm sure is what like equivalent to an end. Ninety five do they go even better than that. Yes there's and ninety nine yes oh also remember and ninety five just refers to the percent chance advocacy it doesn't refer to the actual size of the filtration. There are different versions of n ninety five masks. Yeah we're generally talking when we sell you have to wear an n. Ninety five mask. We're talking about filtering out ninety five percent of viral siro grade. Yeah exactly yeah there there in one five for larger things like bacteria there and ninety five's for smaller viruses like they come in different. They're different kinds of ed ninety. Five's so we're in the us. Two hundred and eighty eight thousand. People have died so far from kobe. Were over fifteen million cases. Getting no steve. I don't think you notice the most recent update. Today we hit over thousand. It was our first time. Three two hundred eighty eight thousand total. You're talking about per day. We broke three thousand. We broke three thousand four hundred today

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