Attorney General William Barr to resign before Christmas


President trump announced via tweet monday. That attorney general william bar was resigning. He wrote in part quote. Our relationship has been a very good one. he's done an outstanding job. As per letter. Bill will be leaving just before christmas to spend the holidays with his family. Trump tweeted deputy attorney. General jeff rosen will take bars place bar announced. He was stepping down in a resignation letter released shortly after he briefed trump about the justice department's review into voter fraud claims in the twenty twenty election. He wrote in the letter. Allegations of fraud. Continue to be pursued earlier. This month bar told the associated press quote to date. We have not seen fraud on a scale that could've affected a different outcome in the election. News of fars resignation comes after it was reported that he knew earlier this year about an investigation into the president elect joe biden's son hunter and his tax affairs. This prompted trump to lash out at bar on twitter over the weekend calling him. A big disappointment but bar has been one of donald trump's staunchest allies this summer. The washington post reported bar personally ordered police. To beat and tear-gas peaceful protesters who gathered near the white house. In order to clear a path for president. Donald trump to walk to nearby saint. John's episcopal church where the president posed for photos holding a bible var denied using tear-gas during an interview on cbs's face the nation and the methods. They used you think were appropriate existence. Yes they announced three times. They didn't move by the way. There was no tear gas used. The tear. Gas was used sunday when they had to clear. H streak to allow the fire department to come into saint john's church. That's when tear gas was used. There were chemical irritants. The partner there were not irritants. Pepper sprays a chemical chemical pepper spray. Your same suzy's pepper balls attorney. General william bar also defended the administration's blaming the anti-fascist movement known as antifa for instigating violence during the protest. Instead of police. We have evidence that antifa and other similar extremist groups as well as actors of a variety of different political persuasions have been involved in instigating and participating in the violent activity in fact the nation magazine has reported an internal f. b. i. Document shows the agency had quote no intelligence indicating and teeth involvement presence at the protest though it did cite the presence of far right provocateurs unquote.

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