Biden introduces his choice for defense secretary, Lloyd Austin


President elect Joe Biden once retired general Lloyd Austin to be his defense secretary, not A post he sought. I sought him. Austin would be the first African American to serve in the position. But could his nomination face some trouble in the Senate and joining us live from Capitol Hill? Double d. T. O p. S Mitchell Miller. Mitch General Austin is very well respected. So why are there questions about whether the Senate would confirm it? Well, Shawn and Hillary. It goes back to the history of the defense secretary being in a civilian position, and the so called seven year rule that if a military officer is tapped for that position, they need to have been retired from the military for at least that long. Austin retired four years ago after a distinguished military career of more than 40 years and included a major command in Iraq. Tenure is the head of the U. S. Central Command. But several lawmakers say it's important to maintain a civilian in that position. The ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Rhode Island Jack Reed had given in on a waiver for General James Mattis under President. Trump said he wouldn't support one in the future. He is now wrestling with this. Others have said they'll oppose the waiver, including senators Elizabeth Warren Richard Blumenthal, who's on the Armed Services Committee and Jon Tester of Montana. But if the House and the Senate grant a waiver, which they both have to do, he'll likely still have plenty of votes to be confirmed. Hey, Mitch, who are the other potential candidates? Lawmakers might have preferred to Austin. Well, one of them would have been the first woman to serve as defense secretary Michelle Florida who's held various positions at the Pentagon and is very well respected. The House Armed Services Committee chair Adam Smith made it clear she was his first choice. Another candidate who had been talked about a lot was former Homeland Security Secretary Jay Johnson. But Biden is said to be very comfortable with Austin as his

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