A highlight from S2 E05: Be your own kind of boss

State of Mind


I don't really yell. I had a weird situation. I remember there was a moment where i got really angry at work. Because there was a screening that we were supposed to be doing for apple and it was a really big deal and We had a post supervisor. Who like really messed up. The sort of details of it and it made me look really bad. To apple made me completely unprofessional and like really amateur and all these executives at apple who are very high up. Were supposed to see a cut of the show and it was scheduled and it was put on all these like very high level schedules. The cut never showed up because we technically. We didn't do it correctly. So it didn't show up at the screening room at the appropriate time and i was so angry and i felt myself like burningly completely hot and i thought oh. This is like the first time at work where i'm really going to yell at somebody. An arrow standing in her office. And i actually sat down on the floor. And everyone's like. Why is dana on the floor. And i did it because i felt like i needed to. I needed to cut off. What was going on in my body. So i sat down on the floor. And it was the weirdest thing

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