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Here over uber. They launched a highly intimidating group called. At g. advanced technologies group from uber. Remember your technology company and your product doesn't have an acronym you will not get funding or resources for an. At goal was to eliminate the human driver from the uber ride with robotics and autonomous. Drive all right so that was five years ago. We now can fast forward to today. Jack what is the situation. Look like for the self-driving eighteen g unit over at uber. Five years later well. They've spent a lot of money. Two and a half billion total in salaries acquisitions and technology in this age group jack and added up the return on that investment has basically been give or take a half a dozen nightmares. Yeah uber was stuck in court. Getting sued by google because one uber employees stole. Self-driving secrets from google brought it to uber and then sadly testing of the self driving vehicles actually killed a pedestrian in arizona. The other home of self-driving in the country and they have practically nothing to show at all in terms of like working self driving cars so that has led to what we saw yesterday with. The big shocking news uber just sold the group to another pittsburgh based company. So jack what's the takeaway for our buddy. Self-driving over at uber. We have to reset our expectations on self driving. Cars staggers elon. Musk famously said last year. That in twenty twenty there would be one million. Self-driving tesla robo taxes. All on the road jack. Are we seeing these days where we got out there. Let me whip out my one finger zero zero. They're they're absolutely not owned by the way related today. Zuber news volkswagen just announced that. Self-driving technologies coming to its cars in twenty twenty five twenty thirty ish. Yeah the germans are a little more conservative realistic. So

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