The FUV & Beyond: Interview w/ Arcimoto Founder Mark Frohnmayer (11.06.20)


Here today we have the good fortune to be joined by the better of komodo or from meyer So we're gonna take a bit of a break from our normal tesla coverage today on your at some point we'll talk a little bit about how things are related to tesla. Thanks for joining us. Mark really excited to learn a little bit more about what arc models dot on awesome. Hey thanks to be on the program must mattia so not only not all my audience is going to be familiar with. Armato could use a little bit of background on sort of the state of the company. In how you guys got started yet. Sure thing so so actually are in two thousand seven. So we've been at this for now. Look more than thirteen years and i actually originally went looking for a vehicle to buy so once upon a time i was a computer game entrepreneur slowly company in early two thousand seven and i went looking for an electric vehicle and my my knees rashy pretty. I want something that would give me around town. Do daily errands you know. Keep me somewhat protected from elements and be high-quality product. That didn't cost very much. I didn't want a full size car Because there's there is a huge disconnect between the cars that we drive and what we actually use them for The cars are amazing contracts. That can carry five to seven people hundreds of miles and we use them almost all the time buyer ourselves or just one other person traveling around town on simple trips so i wanted a solution for that simple trip problem that was going to be very affordable sustainable and couldn't find it in the market and so what what what happens. I saw a three wheeled vehicle in a parade and in was like liable moment. Where with a light bulb illuminated was the the giant gap between the bike in the car. And it just was struck me that it was wild that there really was nothing in that gap and that if if the rate if the right pieces came together that you could have a really compelling product that was very close to the bike in terms of efficiency yet had many of the capabilities. He would want for everyday trips. I thought we'd take about six months. I was coming out of the video game world and rapid prototyping in his life and actually took seven years to come up with just the right idea and then another five years beyond that to go from you know really. The napkin sketches the right concept into production. And now we're just a little over a year In production of the fund utility vehicle. Which is our flagship product. And then we watched a couple of other products on the vaccine platform Responder which is designed to bring benefits of platform to emergency services and then the deliberated which is targeted at dubose. At last mile delivery ended just general general corporate fleet use. Yes getting back to like. Your guys is original idea. I gotta laugh. Because i was going through some of the earnings reports and severe investor decks and things like that and i saw this line of the had like market meat on knows comparing Do what you guys are doing. And it goes for car you know. It takes one to two people to starbucks and for your car for that. Tv it's one issue people to starbucks appreciate you bringing some of that humor sometimes. Yes you really.

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