Hong Chau & Nico Santos: Superheroes And Superstores

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And as roma's joining us right. Now we have jordan. Clever and jedi hegel o. How are you guys doing doing. Great as well as you can be right now. Who are who. Who are you quarantining with jenny. I'm quarantining with my partner. Liz and my son who is six. My list has a very grown up lady job so she goes into one room all day and does zoom calls where she says things like she says. Business phrases like Well we'll have to see if the juice is worth the squeeze. And that's not what i'm solving for. And wow what was happening. She i mean she says things that i've just never a side of her. I've never seen before having that thing. We were like who. Who are you is that. It's like really impressive though. Because it's like very like she's a very confident and she uses business lady terms and she uses them so like casually. Yes so it's kind of neat to see your partner do what they do because you hear about it. But it's kind of neat to watch your partner. Excel at what they do. Yeah jordan who are you. Who are you living with right now. I am with my wife right now. I like the journey is like it's nice to see your partner. Dana day out and see what they excel at and that is not the experience. My wife and i are having we are. We are watching each other disintegrated happening. It feels like talked to friends of mine. Who have been married like last week was the week like a lot of initial explosions. Took place of like yelling at people for like. You're closing the door too loudly. My wife thinks my voice is just too loud and not like an incident of being loud once but just generally j just too loud and we had. I don't think you fully mean that. But i think you also do because you've been in a room with me for the last month and a half but we're better cooking. I think that's the one thing we now know how to cook. You guys want to play a game. Yes i'm very excited about this game. Okay so first of all you are going to be competing in this game. So we're gonna go back and forth This is audio quiz. About famous movie quotes. We're gonna play the dialogue. That comes right before a very famous movie quote and you just have to jump in With the quote okay right okay. And if you don't know it just makes something up and it's possible you will still get credit all right jenny. This one's for you okay. I don't know if that's fair. I don't know is fair. I feel before we started this game. I felt like. I'd seen some movies but maybe ever seen one. No you've definitely seen this but maybe it was a long time ago. That's a classic chicago blues lick like they really laid out. I'm walking to walk you down a path here a little bit. Danny glover okay. Is this a lethal weapon situation. Oh yes this is like this characters. Well known line that he he says right after meeting milk. The yes pre problematic okay. So this is the thing he's gonna say to mel gibson. Yes gladys okay okay. Let's hear you got to get this. come on. are you the guy from braveheart. That is i mean pretty much pretty much. That

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