Man Arrested In Hate Crime At Beverly Hills Restaurant


With a group of men who roughed up restaurant workers and trash the place at eight o'clock in the evening, November, 4th Cafe Istanbul on South Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills was turned upside down, the police investigating say, as many as eight guys went into the restaurant. And toward the place up. There were people inside who were injured, just minor injuries. But this is a hate crime. They say crime occurred at the restaurant 68 individuals did enter used derogatory statements as well as their actions, and it was deemed a hate crime. Listen to Max Suba in Beverly Hills Police Department tells Can X one arrest was made in Glendale this morning, a a 22 22 year year old old man man described described as as a a primary primary suspect. suspect. There There is is currently currently a a probation probation hold, hold, so so he he has has no no bail bail this this time time the the FBI's FBI's assisting assisting Beverly Beverly Hills Hills PD PD and and the the search search for the other people involved. As for what makes this hate crime. Precisely. They won't say Craig figure can extend 70 news radio. The Burbank

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