A Call For Equity In Genomics Research

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So before the break we talked about. How do i noticed. A lack of diversity into nomex. He was working with these databases and noticed a lot of minorities communities were left out and as he began to interrogate that he made two key rations. One of the reasons is more around comfort and convenience. It's like if you are Western european ancestry. Doctor it's much easier to for you to recruit white people within your network right and then on the other side of the coin. It's really hard to recruit communities of people who have historically been exploited exploited by the medical and scientific community traumatizing experiences with lasting impacts. Like what happened to the have a super tribe from arizona so back in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine researchers at arizona state university and the havasu by agreed to partner up to determine if there was a genetic reason behind the really high rates of diabetes that have plagued the tribe for decades but when arizona state turned around and question to have a supine nations origin. Story tried to look for genetic associations with schizophrenia. And getting mutations that are associated with interbreeding it naturally pissed off the community. Because that's not the arrangement and the consensus that they built not only to the researchers not get consent to look at those things some of those questions in themselves deeply disrespected the tribes most sacred beliefs so that resulted in the sort of ripple effect or domino effect with many other tribes in the united states of america pudding a moratorium on genetic research which stands to this day. Here's the other thing. It's become more and more clear but a lot of times. These health disparities like diabetes and have a suit by tribe aren't really even because of genetics. They're more about socio. Economic factors like access to healthy food and healthcare a lot of the times when an indigenous populations or brown black and underrepresented populations that people are recruited into studies. It's under the guise of reducing health disparities and sort of pandering towards this narrative that there's an innate nece to why our communities have higher rates of common complex disease right and that's highly problematic and i have sold that grant narrative in so many grants and papers and that's how i've kind of come to this position of questioning it and being skeptical of what the actual benefit

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