Warriors' plan aims to allow 50% fan capacity


Year. We should have something to cheer about. But now, of course No fans or will there be? Or in the ESPN. Ramona Shelburne. Warriors have a plan a very expensive plan. Get 50% capacity at Chase Center this year. If you might be saying deter, how the hell are they going to do that? And I asked the same question. And I'm still pretty skeptical that they can pull this off because as of yesterday or maybe even the day before that, I believe they just rolled back. Lot of openings that we were doing here in the city of San Francisco. Situation is not getting better. Getting worse. We're not going to get into the nitty gritty of that. Because that is something I'm not fully qualified to do, Nor probably are you unless you are. George Rutherford, Dr Jordan Rutherford Police feel free to call in Anyway, KNBR. Warriors want to get 50% capacity. At Chez Center. And here's How Joe Lake up who, by the way Bio tech billionaire public health. Degree from U C. L A nose a little bit about. This has a little bit of expertise in this area. I wouldn't say he's epidemiologists or anything like that. I wouldn't put him in charge of the Coronavirus task force. Or anything like that, but certainly more qualified than myself. To figure out how to get 50% capacity. At Chase Center. Now bear with me hear it does get a little In the weeds. But when we're talking about this, we need to be specific about what the hell's going on. This information is important, even if it is a little dense. I'll do my best here but bear with me. The plan is Lakers going to spend $30 million Which you might say That's chump change. That's an Andrew Wiggins. The test every fan employees and player Media to be determined. I would imagine that he's not going to spend the money on us Can't really blame him. Of course, you will have masks and you will have distancing. But the plan is they're going to use a rapid PCR test. So the PCR test that's the deep one right where they get real up in the nose. Those were supposed to be about 99% accurate Now, Joe Lake Up, says he's gotta read. He's got a He's got a guy. He's got a plug. You can get him rapid PCR tests. That means 20 minutes or so you could get an answer, as opposed to what we saw with Major League baseball, where it's 24 hours later, which worked out great at the end of the World Series. I mean bang up job. Think about the amount of times that baseball had a problem this year because of the delay. We're going from 24 hours to 20 minutes. And you might go. We already have rapid testing like that, Peter, we do. There. Auntie Gin tests. Now this is this is the difference. The PCR is the 99% 1. So that's finding any kind of the virus. In your nose. Going up in there finding some of the virus. And then through technology being able to figure out, you know. If you have it or not, If you can't find it after the amplifying, amplifying, amplifying, amplify you don't have it. You got a little bit it. The anti Jin tests are different. They're looking for something that is bound. To the virus. Basically, you have to be shedding the virus in order for the anti Jin test to succeed. Now, those tests are very fast. Take like 10 15 minutes, right? You could get a result. If you're shedding the virus, you probably are showing some symptoms. And so it's estimated. But there is a 30 to 50% miss rate. With these rapid auntie gin tests. Which at a certain point you're like, Why are we bothering with him? Why are we spending all this money? The PCR is the way to go to believe to be 99% accurate. If we could have a situation where the PCR test He's going as fast as the anti gene tests. I don't know about you. But 99% is a lot better than 50% or even 70% on its best day. The Joe Lake up once rapid PCR tests for every fan player and employees. On day of game. Now. I don't know what it's not like You could put everybody in a room in test. Um, just sit around. Mean Chase Center has a great filtration from everything I heard. I heard that well before you know, we really cared about filtration because that was something I cared about him. Big fan, big fan of ventilation. I think they can change out. The air and Chase Center four times an hour like change out the entirety of the air, which seems like a pretty good thing to do. You could also have nothing but outside air coming in. Really let it flow. And I say that would be a good plan. But these rapid PCR tests are the difference. And then George Rutherford. The After mentioned George Rutherford public health expert saying This is as close to a perfect plan as I've seen

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