A Conversation With Ramona Hood, CEO, FedEx Custom Critical


We are very very excited to have ramona hood. Join us on skimmed from the couch. She is the ceo and president of fedex custom critical and she brings over twenty eight years of experience at fedex to her role. That's because as we'll get into ramona's started her career the company as a receptionist back in nineteen ninety one for mona. We are so excited to have you with us today. Welcomed skimmed from the couch. Thank you danielle. I'm really excited to be here today. Even if it is a virtual. I know it's it's so we've done know now. We've been at home since march many of the people listening and it's been incredible. How many people we've met in a pandemic without actually meeting them will joking the other day. We have a new chief product officer. And we're like we don't even know how tall you are. We've never met in person that that's funny. We have some similar experiences. I have two people that were added to my executive team after cova so we made hiring decisions virtually and we have been on boarding people virtually as well but we're adapting to the new way of working. Yeah i think everyone is is having to so. Let's start off with a basic question. Me ask everyone. Skim your resume for us. Gosh if i would start my resume with twenty eight years at fedex. I'd like to tell people. I grew up there. I also like to say. I started when i was five. And i've had a great career at fedex. Starting asked the receptionist. At the time it was roberts express and i moved from the receptionist roll into our safety and contractor relations department. I had an opportunity of really spending about five to seven years in that area and it was the place that i met my first mentor. The director of the department had asked what my career goals were in my aspirations and was the first time that i really put thought into what my interests were and it started with leadership. So i'll talk a little bit more about mentorship later. But i spent five to seven years. There then moved to the operation area. So that i can gain. Pnl experience and have accountability. for that. then. I moved into sales and marketing and also had an opportunity to lead a wholly-owned subsidiary from there i moved into a different fedex atp company we had acquired a company and there was a need for an officer to lead one of the business units and so i took that opportunity which gave me experience on working on post. Acquisition integration work with identifying synergies for the business as well as for the team members and then from there i moved back to fedex custom critical as an officer of operations strategy and planning and also managed our pricing strategy as well as our data and science group and from there i had an opportunity in the impact of two thousand nineteen. Our ceo and president was retiring and so i had an opportunity to be appointed to the ceo and president role in january and started Leading very methodically through the first ninety days and then covert nineteen hit and so that was the first crisis that i began to lead through in my first ninety days and then shortly after that the death of george floyd really brought a platform to talk through the racial injustice that we were seeing in the country and again leading the organisation through that difficult time so eight months into my new role. And i feel like. I've learned a lot and really thankful for the team. I have that has supported me throughout the timeframe. And i'm sure that's exactly what you thought the first eight months and specifically the first ninety days we're going to hold. What is something that people would be surprised to know about. You are something that we can't google or find on your lincoln. So i think if you know me. It's pretty clear what. I would how i would answer this question. But for people who don't know me and if you would google me you won't be able to find it. I am a big foodie. I've loved to eat. I come from a family where we use food as a way to socialize entertain. It is to manage our feelings whether they're happy sad or whatever the case may be so. I enjoy food. I enjoy eating as well as a little cooking. But for the most part it's the eating and sampling. New things that i enjoy.

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