You're Fired - burst 3

Trump, Inc.


Joe biden could have voted fifty times as far as we know of five thousand times ballots could be from camden. A few days later rudy was back in philadelphia in a parking lot on the edge of town day. Thank you in front of four seasons total landscaping next to an adult bookstore trump campaign. This time giuliani showed up with among others. The former new york city police commissioner bernie kerik. Who'd been convicted in prison for corruption for trump pardoned him. When giuliani stopped to take questions. A reporter asked about what had just happened. The networks had called the election for joe biden the poll because they don't feel action. The call for joe biden is a call by all than oh my goodness all the networks wow. He raised his arms to the signs work and his front and looked up. As if praying the law judges don't towns come on. Don't be don't be ridiculous networks. Don't get to decide elections courts. Do

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