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On The Verge


Good good morning I gotta beefy one for you today and it's be not for only you my friend. It's beef for me. My name is carrie bradley. And i am bringing you these morning messages. Not just for you. i bring them for me. They are reminders to myself how to live fully their reminders of how to remember my brilliance. They're reminders to myself to remember that life is moving by very very fast and if we don't lean in and wake up and seize the moment and seize the day then we are missing our lives so these morning messages. I enjoyed them so much. Because i wake myself up every day and asked myself these questions. So i just decided turn on my little handy dandy recorder and share them with you so thank you for being here and what. I'm been playing with myself. Playing with in my own. Journaling is this idea of challenge edges and being uncomfortable. Yesterday we talked about ripe opportunities. It's what i write about my book. On the verge. Ripe opportunities are those moments when you are uncomfortable. They're uncomfortable because they're also unfamiliar. You're not used to doing it. You're not comfortable doing it. So it's gonna be agitating it's gonna be unsettling it's gonna make you feel like you wanna throw up. Maybe but these are the moments where we grow. These are the moments when we pressed the boundaries of life we press the boundaries of our patterns talked about patterns a few weeks ago and when we start to those patterns and press those boundaries. It's where we break through and we level up and we see things with new eyes and we get creative and we have insights so today. I just want to ask you as i'm asking myself. Where are your edges where the boundaries. What do they feel like. What are they include. What are they entail. And can you leinen today and tomorrow and the next day in fact you know i challenge you because i'm challenging myself to every single day at the beginning of your day whether it be after your meditation or prayer or your journaling or whatever your morning routine looks like usually for me. It's it's Early morning meditation. Twenty minutes fifteen to thirty minutes just depends on the day get out my journal and i free right but i'm going to challenge myself during that free right to ask myself. What would i do today if i had no fear. Or where can i lean in today to an edge. What edge can i lean into something along that lines you can make it up and make it sound right for you but basically it's what what i do today. If i had no fear who would i call. What would i write. What would i. What would i offer the world. What would i ask the world. What would i do today. If i had no fear and then go do it and listen you could start small right. It doesn't have to be the biggest thing you know the thing that you feel like you're going to throw up doing or thinking about but you gotta get into action. I need to get into action on those things. And oftentimes you know you can look at your life. I would often say this any yoga practice. Look at how you practice yoga. Because that's how you're living your life you know if you're ballistic and your workouts and you're pushing and suffering and challenger challenging yourself too much you may be pushing enforcing in your life as well but i think for most of us honestly where the other way around. That's the way i am anyway. I'm holding back too much i. I'm not getting to that point. Where i'm feeling myself tremble lately. I used to be but lately. I don't know i'm just kind of in this grey zone so this is my kick ass. Wake up. call to say kara. You need to lean and get uncomfortable a little bit more. Yesterday i did. I felt myself so agitated about myself so uncomfortable but and it was really a wakeup call for me to say. Listen girl you need to be doing this more areas of your life in your work. So i got agitated because i did a facebook live that i wasn't fully comfortable doing and i still feel a little shaky thinking about what i did. But that's okay. That's a good indication. That i was doing something was not comfortable so today. My challenge to you two things one at the beginning of your day. Ask yourself the question. Where do i need need to lean in today. What is my edge. Today is it. A relationship is a is an action in the world has something to do with work is truth. Unita say is it a workout. You need to lean into. Is it something what is it. And then that was the first thing and then go do it and then go to it. All right. I want to hear from you. What are the things where your edges right now. Where are your edges. I'm telling you mine you know in my business right now the business. I'm building this mental wellness business which is based on on the new scientist. Gut brain connection. It's phenomenal. I love it. I want to tell you about it. I want to tell you about it. So if you're interested please reach out to me or the lengths. I've got plenty of stuff there. But it is forcing me to grow in ways that i'm uncomfortable doing and that's the only way i'm going to grow this. Business is to get uncomfortable. The only way we grow in life is to be uncomfortable so we have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

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