Doug Collins to lead Trump recount effort in Georgia


The Trump campaign has tapped Republican Congressman Doug Collins to head it's recount efforts in the state of Georgia as the president's team ramps up its legal challenge of election results across several battleground states. Under state law, candidates can request a recount in Georgia if the margin separating the two candidates is 20.5% or less. President elect Biden leads President Trump in Georgia by about 10,000 votes The Trump campaign says a recount there will begin as soon as vote can Vince can't canvassing has ended. Last week of Georgia State judge throughout the Trump campaign lawsuit, claiming that late arriving ballots were improperly added to Biden's totals. Trump officials have claimed to have evidence of voting irregularities in several states but have presented few concrete examples. Tom Election officials in battleground states have said they see no evidence of widespread voter irregularities and no major instances of fraud or illegal

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