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Portions. Denial. Debts have been called. But House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy accuses Pelosi of sacrificing struggling Americans installed talks on a covert relief bill. Whole focus. Her tunnel vision was it didn't matter what the issue is. But if I could make President Trump Weaker foreign election, I'm gonna do it. Pelosi has rejected a Senate Republican push for smaller, targeted relief, insisting more money is needed to tackle the virus. The House passed more than $2 Trillion bill in May nationwide coronavirus dancer about to hit 242,000 with nearly 10.5 million cases, as more states try to fight the recent record surge with renewed restrictions. Boxes Jeff but also has more live Lisa for the first the third time in five days, Wisconsin is reporting more than 7000 daily coronavirus cases, with hospitalizations soaring, similar narrative playing out in Michigan and Minnesota and Iowa. We know that gatherings are driving numbers, and that's why and the new declaration that we Limited the number of indoor gatherings to 25 people unless you social distance and wear a mask Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issue in a mask mandate there in Ohio over 5800 new virus cases reported Wednesday. The state also under a new mask orders with more restrictions. They're likely Lisa and Jeff, New York's governor, now barring private gatherings of more than 10 people and slapping a curfew on restaurants, bars and gyms. The vice of the president elect. Rather, Joe Biden continues meetings with his transition team. America is

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