Joe and Oliver: Rockin in the Free World


Hit the theme song. that that that donna donna. I can't can't. It's so good to see you in la. Because i feel like you're crisp and clean and i can see you with internet and you're not freezing up on the swiss family robinson ranch. It's nice it's kind of funny actually. You're not wrong. I have a fresh haircut. I have no beard it. I get to la and everything changes everything changes. But i'm still me. I'm still mean. No matter where. I am still oliver hudson rocket in the free world. Baby yeah what's it been like getting out of the wilderness back into dom city even die but during covert. It's not as jammed. I found when i was out there a couple of times. Yeah it's it's double edged to me. You know leaving is hard because it's just so beautiful and amazing but then you come home and We were here. The i got home and bodey my middle kid. Who's very thoughtful. He he said to me he goes. Dad i love being an aspen but it just feels good here. This is home. And he kind of set. Like that. And i was like. Oh god he hit me and mike. You're right dude. You get home and it just feels good. There's an energy here. There's something that just feels good. And he nailed it. And that's how i feel we're home and it feels good to be home. Were you gone. I mean mother is months. yeah five months. we're going five months. I mean. I miss him and there's no doubt about it but i'm happy to be home a been hitting golf balls. You know getting my life on track here. A lot of calls a lot of meetings getting ready to do my television show mid december. So you know what is this. Show now that we can talk about it. Can we called. It's called the three of us and Mister show about siblings. And i'm the oldest sibling and two youngsters and the premise of the show. Is that my younger sister's husband gets up and just bales and now she has this nine year old kid dealing with that. I have her move in with me in the interim while she figures out her life. Meanwhile i've got my younger brother. Who's sort of this playboy. Lives on a boat and He's a volunteer firefighter. And you know it was the ladies man. And it's about the sibling dynamic. And how we all come together and the issues and the problems and the comedy and and all of that. And i got a wife five a wife and i'm and i have my first baby on the way. Wow that's the so out of outside of the end of that with the wife and the baby on the way it really just struck me that you're doing like three and a half men yes exactly identical. All these story are played out and then it just becomes how. How good is the writing. How thing yes yes. And then the interaction of the people are playing the nail nail on the head. That's you couldn't have said it better. That's exactly what it is. Every story line every plot every concept every situation has been done. One thousand times is this comedy is comedy shows acution. Yes it's a comedy to sitcoms. The four cameras sitcom haven't done one of those since rules of engagement long long time ago and this can be even half as successful as two and a half men take it. Yeah is it take. Abc which she said it was it. Cbs cbs. i can show. There's what reason why you're doing.

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