Concerns rise over election-related unrest


Episode of the Coma politic cast recorded Monday. Almost Charlie Harder goes in depth with political strategist Kathy Allen and Randy Peple. In this excerpt, Charlie asked them about their concerns for the coming days. Shops are boarded up in Seattle and across the country. We saw those trucks with the trump flags on them surround the Biden bus over the weekend, and then on the far left, you have streets burning with riots and violence happening. I gotta ask you what's your level of concern for the threat of violence in the days following the election? It all depends, I suppose on to turn out, but I suspect I think we're gonna have a lot of celebration and not necessarily the kind that break windows and scream and yell at each other. I tend to think it will be much more of a festive and positive time. With everyone's expectations. Likely to wonder what comes next. Ready. Charlie. I share your concern. I think that there is a real danger of violence because we've already seen violence in the streets all summer long in some of our major cities in the United States, and now you're going to have a situation where there's a good chance that the vote totals tomorrow night. Are going to favor Donald Trump. His supporters are more likely to be voting at the Poles. Those votes they're going to be counted on Election day, and so it is very likely that he'll be ahead on Tuesday night and then we will see the lead start to slip away. As other state start counting their mail and votes, And the problem is each day that goes by each hour. That goes by where more votes are coming away, and his lead is getting smaller that his people are going to be believing that It's being stolen, and that's what can lead to violence. And, frankly, on the left. There are some that they're going to embrace it. Just like on the far right. There are groups out there that want to embrace the violence. They want chaos. They are anarchists. And that is the danger that we're gonna have, and next weekend if we don't have a very clear decision in the presidential race. That's gonna be a day weekend that I'm staying indoors. We're speaking with political strategists, Randy Peple and Kathy Allen cabbie. Well, I could also say that that which gives me great hope that that's not gonna happen Is that the number of votes that have indeed come in now? Give me that sense of a really security blanket and well, by the way and taking a look today at all of the estimates as to how many of those votes that have come in You know, over a dozen states right now are saying they will have far more counter the name ever can act on election night. But the problem with that, Kathy is that in Pennsylvania, they're not even allowed to look. You said that thing. But the fact is, is that that's one state and that is the state. I feel most likely is going to have those log log route of divided and they will have disappeared. People voting on Election Day as they have indeed been voting early. I appreciate that, Kathy, but I tend to look at where the candidates are spending their time to decide where they think they need the most help. And the entire Biden campaign is in Pennsylvania tomorrow on today, I mean the he's there. Carla Harris is there. His wife is there her husband is there. I mean, they're putting all their eggs in that basket. If they were secure about Pennsylvania, they would be somewhere else. And that's why I'm concerned because under Pennsylvania law, they're not allowed to even start checking the signatures. On the mail in ballots until 7 a.m. tomorrow, and many of the county clerks have said Hey at 7 A.m. tomorrow will get ready for election Day. We aren't even gonna look at our mail in ballots until Wednesday and Pennsylvania is the tipping point state. If Florida goes for Trump, Pennsylvania or North Carolina is going to be the one that will determine whether or not he holds on And so that's what I'm very concerned about. I'm actually not as concerned about Pennsylvania. I think he's putting a homecoming together that actually will indeed increased the number of people that will vote for him. You can hear the entire conversation with Rady Peple and Kathy Allen on the Coma politic cast available wherever you get your podcast and on coma, news dot com and

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