Biden edges closer to projected electoral victory


Of state, the Great State of Michigan Secretary. Of state. Jocelyn Benson, Madam secretary. Welcome back. Good morning. I'm good. I'm inclined to say Other than that, Mrs Lincoln. How did you enjoy the play expression? 48 hours. The mitten. What do we do about that? I I understand the effort. We've all talked about the effort to get more people involved, make voting easier. It's after etcetera, but When do we know if we've gone too far, making it easy for people to vote and sometimes vote repeatedly or vote on behalf of dead people with Chicago became famous for We don't want to be famous for that in Michigan. How do we control this so that we don't have the end result that we're now experiencing. Really look at the facts in the data. I mean, the bottom line is here in Michigan. Every valid vote will count and only valid votes will count. And we've got plenty of kick your protocols in place to make sure that that happens in fact, now after the first tabulation has been complete, really in Michigan, we're going to see Continue You updated upload of information at the county in statewide levels, But that tabulation is done. And now boards of the county and state level comprised of people from both parties will review the procedures and counts of the entire election before the results are certified officials So we've Got a lot of checks and balances built in the process for good reason into really insure. People can have faith in the results of the election, regardless of how they go there. There's the lawsuit. Of course, there are a few of them now happening in Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania. Where else? I'm not sure. But there'll be others. I'm sure With his suit, which was filed, according to Beth LeBlanc, in this morning's Detroit News, filed in Michigan's Court of Claims wants Michigan's count stopped quote until meaningful access has been granted to observe the process. I've been getting notes and letters from people who are saying that they tried to enter TCF Center and volunteer is a poll worker in any capacity needed, but they were saying that no one except the press they believe security and attorneys We're allowed entry. And and they also went on to say that when they tried when GOP members tried to challenge all of a sudden, the people said, Wait a minute. It's a 6 ft. Covert rule. You've got to get away from me. But they weren't doing that to everybody. And, of course, if you're wearing a mask, it's not the legal answer there about the coded the 6 ft. And how in the world can you challenge or observe if you can't get within 6 Ft. Of somebody doing the counting? Procedures in place for challengers all across the state has been well established a uniform all across the state. And you know, we issued directive prior to the election on that to protect everyone's health and safety, but also ensure that the ability to observe the process within place on DH, So I've said repeatedly word a moment here where we knew and always have known there would be attempts to sow seeds of doubt in the process in the integrity of our process on DH if people were unhappy with the results of the election So that is a lot of what we're seeing here, But I stand by our work. I stand by the voters. I stand by the hard work of our election administrators, which has been very transparent from the beginning, and you know any conversations through litigation, otherwise in the days ahead, are simply just going to continue to reveal that truth. I'm very confident in that on so I hope everyone will simply just look at the facts in the data and accurate information moving forward and recognized that we're still in a moment where people are going to try to spread Misinformation is a way to undermine the truth on DH. Really? What What occurred in Michigan is a reflection of the will of the voters. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson with us on the pole over you, Smith, Sho W Jr and I guess another question I had was when they sue. Are they suing you? Are they suing the secretary of State's office or or or what? Yeah, People have have sued the state for various reasons. This is you know, as you mentioned, it's not just Michigan. This is unfortunately the escalation of the election litigation. Process has been really increased exponentially over the past election season on so we're you know, the attorney general in our office have been working together, took and make sure that we follow the law. We follow our secure protocols. We ensure transparency and all the rest. That's just important to me. Period on you. No way worked to ensure every ballot. Bout with counted by a pair of election workers, one from each majority party to prevent any political bias. So, ah, and a number of other secure protocols that were part of the reason why we took some time to ensure the account went smoothly and accurately. It's a bottom line, in my view is the public interest of the results of the election or an accurate reflection of the well of the people and I do hope that people respect that. However, we still got lots of Checks and balances in the processes I mentioned that will continue to review the procedures and counts just as we do in every election before they're sort of find official on network continues in the 13 days ahead, 12 now if

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