Shifting your food philosophy and Cultivating a more positive relationship with food for kids, with Michelle Smith


Since you have not been on the podcast in like literally two and a half years. It would probably be a good idea for you to reintroduce yourself perfect. I am michelle of the whole. Smith's i started my career out Kind of on a whim. Because i was exploring how our family eats and trying to figure out what is the best healthiest way for us to eat as a family at i soon after started sharing that journey on my blog the whole smith's and subsequently now have in two cookbooks with healthy family friendly recipes that are really easy to make and have recently launched my own podcast get wealthy that talks about other aspects of wellness that we aren't really talking about as much as food and diet or sorry. Diet and exercise i think diet and exercise get all the glory but there's so many other components so that's me love that. Hey this is me in a thirty second blurbs which is so funny because like normally whenever we talk or like whenever i interview somebody like how much time do you have like. Go for. Forty five minutes talking about myself. I'm like well. This is your interview on the podcast. You conduct about whatever you like you. Whereas i'm like this is super awkward. Let me like condensed time. Line started a blog. Some cookbooks now podcast. Let's go exactly. We'll say okay. Let's start here so the million dollar question. How has twenty twenty seven for you. Twenty twenty has been absolutely twenty twenty Here's the thing i will say this year. I have taken so many lessons away like just from you know. One of my biggest things is that it's the year. I really realized that the deepest gratitude and angst frustration annoyance high levels of annoyance more annoyance. All of this stuff is not mutually exclusive. So i think before i kind of had these things compartmentalized my head of like. Oh i'm so grateful everything. Life is amazing and then like everything sucks but like you can kind of experience. Both in i think twenty twenty has really proved that because we have been very fortunate and blessed with so many things. I'm able to work from home anyway stuff like that. But then you know we're not immune to the woes of this year and what has risen to the surface this year. Yep definitely ditto to all of the things One of my favorite things that you have talked about this year is something you post on your instagram. You go thanks to twenty twenty. I now know exactly who do and do not want in miami apocalypse. It's so drew. I'm like people. I thought were potentially competent humans. And i'm like oh no. This is a much tighter circle than i thought it would be. Yeah so who is in your zombie apocalypse. All my gosh my family is although after how long has it been nine months of being locked them. They might. They might get pushed by. Kids might get pushed out some point. God bless him let's see. Oh kristen beamer. I don't know if you're familiar with her. He is another foodi advocate Struggle with crohn's all about like. She's tough as nails like she can go like she is. She is in my crew. She's locked in. She might be the founding member of these ambi- pashcal so it's a very small crew family and a couple friends. I mean really. that's all you need. That has it has to be enough to fit in your social pod. Anyways so totally. And we all have different specialties. It's perfect what about you. It's like a heist crew. You need a specialist in everything totally. My only thing is like cooking so if it ever gets to like. I can make some twigs and berries. Turn it into something. Oh my gosh. I mean for me while i so i live with my dog and she definitely would be part of the crew because she is small but she scares the crap out of anybody who can like only hear her so i feel like we could definitely hole up and maybe it would scare some of the zombies away and like a couple of my close friends. That have like the different specialties. I have a friend who's at. She would definitely be in there like. I have friends who are super strong. They would definitely be in there like bring all the equipment everything and also the laughs so really for sure. That's a good crew yet. Definitely so okay. Let's talk about food because that's kind of why we're here anyway So you mention in your brief intro like you came into this career in this world because you want to figure out how was going to be the most sustainable way to eat with your family and make it healthy and make it taste good and everything like that. So how has your food. Philosophy shifted over the years. Yeah so early on. I feel like it's super confusing. And i always say this especially like as a new mom like there's so much narrative it makes you afraid of everything like don't sleep with a blanket sleeper the willingness this way so i'll outweigh eat. This don't eat this so you know kind of set early mom alarm off in my head like oh my god ripois inning ourselves. So initially i landed kind of in this paleo world because not because it's you know exactly what our ancestors ate but because it seemed like what our bodies have taken so long to evolve to be able to process and function with like scientifically speaking. It

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