A highlight from Sothis is Christmas!


Another exciting episode of yours. truly choice. Hot cast lower. The volume here is appropriate from because we are in the christmas season. And that's what tonight is about. We're talking about everything christmas. Why do we like it. What don't you like about it. And i've brought in three great guests. I'm gonna go around and introduce them my good friend matt di lorenzo my good friend. Lisa winston emma. Good friend christly. How's everyone doing tonight. Excellent great doing great joey. All right. I'm gonna get chris and matt warmed up here so we're all gen xers right. Everybody and remember well. We could see each other on the video. I want you to describe some things as as we go along. We are all gen xers which means we were born and raised in the eighties and enjoyed the ninety s a whole lot and while we are in the season of christmas i thought it would be great because matt you and i have had conversations on what our kids are missing as they're growing up for what we had when we grew up is kids. And we're gonna talk movies. I wanna talk food. I wanna talk tv shows. We're gonna talk some toys. We're gonna talk about family traditions. So i'm gonna open up the floor for one of the first things as are you first of all ready for the season. Who's in the season. Does the season kickoff with mixed myths. And for those of you. Who don't know what. Mrs this is christmas music that starts in july here in lexington pretty much and that's an exaggeration but it seems like it starts in july and does. When does it kickoff. So who's already there are. You ready is are you behind. Let's start there. You're done pretty much everything up outside lights and this is early for me. I don't usually. This is a twenty twenty phenomenon. Because i'm home and i can and you know time and my parents were coming for thanksgiving and we wanted it to be festive for them. Because they're the only people that are gonna see nobody else is going to come their high risk they. They came to see us. Because we're closest and so we wanted it to be really festive. So all the outdoor lights. All the christmas tree is up all the inside everything and the worst part about that is now. We have time to go. Oh you know what's missing. We need to add this or that so it keeps getting added to where normally i don't put anything up until the week after thanksgiving because at work and don't have time really. I first year not having a real tree in twenty years to. I got a really good victory. I don i like the and the smell but what do you have chris We have we have two trees. I found at early on. I think it was like fifth grade. That live trees. Don't do well with my face swelled up like hitch. Like he's gonna drill not yeah. It's not not pretty so we do two victories but yet we workout allied. Were kind of like the way we do it right. After thanksgiving day after thanksgiving extend everybody puts everything up and again the same kind of twenty twenty phenomenon. Normally it stretches out or weeks of just kind of here and there but you can't really do much else were were almost done or basically down to matt. Yeah we're done I think neighbor said it best. You know i think the whole neighbor- kinda got jump start just because they wanted to get into the end of the spirit because we're all kinda you know caved in a little bit but we did it right during the thanksgiving holiday and and right after we are a fake tree family right now as well advocate for the fake tree. You know when my kids were younger we would do the whole thing where we go out to the field we get. I'd saw it in my pockets in april. You know i. It's like sand. I just i the needles. You can't get rid of them. I mean so in also hauling it out of the house. it's wider than the door. Go everywhere it if you re where. Everyone leftover water spills. 'cause you forget that it has water because it's dead and it's yeah i know but that's what we have candles for now. I say so. I use the sensical. Have you seen the sensical. 's they're like they look like little icicle ornaments that you put in your tree and they're like scented and the whole show. I mean they're amazing they. The whole house smells. I put one by the on the little hat the call tree by the front door so when you walk in and it smells like trees like the hanging trees it you put in your review. Milic pine there icicles. they're like little ornaments that are they look like icicles. But they're green and they smell amazing. Smells just like a tree so we can put him on fake trees in the military. That's it put your nose in there and you're like man. It actually smells good tree. How did they do that. And little do they. Know you'd have a little surprise in there. So i gotta get a home depot so for convenience sake ten years now twelve years. We've done fake trees because matt i'm in your wheelhouse. I don't want to go out there. i don't want to cut it. I don't want to put it on my car and scratch my pain. I don't want to bring it in. i don't want to water it. And then sometimes you get some that are cockeyed and then yeah it's tilting and then you gotta shimmy. Yeah yeah so. I thought go ahead. It's

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