How can I grow an herb garden in the kitchen?


Do i have to have a grow light to grow an herb garden indoors or can i do it narrow window. Well mark I know it can be done near a window however to be what i'm gonna call positively successful. I think she needs to go with the grow. Light happens. That i just the other day i was in a home. Where the There is a glass wall if you will but it's faces north and because there is no direct light in that and no really intensity to the light She has gone to a grill arrangement. That is A wooden structure that has a bulb in the top of it. She has eight pots of various herbs. interestingly enough both the curly and flat parsley and then iraq etc etc and i. I can't remember when i was told this was going to happen. That it can't be much more than a month and a half that those pots were were filled the seeds planted and lori. They're growing like crazy under this situation. Now i know of a couple of situations where south windows when when you carefully handle turning the pots and so on and as long as there's no register under the window and so on i think it could be done with what we'll call metro light but i i'm almost certain should be happier Small well yeah. Call it a small expenditure. I believe the lady told me this was around one hundred fifty dollars for the pots soil. Trae that they sit on the light bulb the whole sch- meal. And i know she's having fantastic success to the point. She's almost gonna have to waste a little bit of the herbs to keep them short enough and bushy enough because they're trying to grow right up through the top of the whole thing right now but Yes plants can be grown in natural light. I would say in east south or west window by far if you're gonna try to do it without light It is extra lights but the success rate will be measurably greater. If if she can go with a an indoor light contraption now you could do it on l. through natural light aided with i'm gonna call it a shop light. It would be kind of crude looking ahead of the ranger fan. I used to use the start seeds in the basement or a little table Shop light on chain and cetera. it did work however I'm quite comfortable. That this arrangement of as i say i think it was around one hundred fifty bucks Maybe two hundred but it makes an expensive urban away but it's the more sure way of getting something of value to us in the kitchen.

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