Chinese and Korean Esports Player News


Moving into some china and korean player news with charge making two signings. One kaley from billy billy The joe or notes the hong academy and then choice a one the eps from ellen mystic both getting picked up to round out the charges new eps. Line the little bit. We got to watch of choice so want. Pretty good yeah. I'm digging that for the charge. They just kind of wholesale off let go of a big chunk of their host of their us their roster. You know all of the English speaking players. I believe have been let go so We've got a little bit of news today about the way the going. So it's pretty safe to say that some of these asian Korean teams rob. Not picking up too much any talent because it looks like we're going to be doing the two regions split again so we've got atlanta rain signing pelican from Oh to blast I believe it was one of the ones that stuck out in the matches that we spoke that we watched. I mean both o- had really good dp s line improper and pelican but properous believed to young which is unfortunate. it is what it is pelican. I think a lot of people are agreeing is going to be like a pretty solid Dps pickup for him. Really can kind of play. Everything and hopefully will be utilized better than they utilize or who is also incredibly talented. Gps plant but they only played a minute weird spots. I don't do and completely disappeared there towards the end of the season then another bit of sad news. I think he'd only been out of retirement for like less than a season. And that's visibility. Yeah announced retirement. Maybe one season. I think it was just this contenders month. Basically he played from july sui a the very end of july and then he played about four months from july to november. After taking only only two months. So hit i mean he really does a very quick retirement Unfortunate to see. But i think this could be one of those like okay. Maybe i'll come back like knows right to return the first place now. He's probably out now. Like i think that this is the official okay. I'm i'm out. i'm done good now. Retirement so unfortunate to seize incredibly skilled player but if he didn't have a good performances last couple of months on the last couple of teams. It's not meant to be i guess. And then we've got the spark signing man laghi the leash the no. We'll go with each. I like that Tank coming over from the are yet shanghai dragons academy team team cc and then mc de coming over from element mystic issues like we still don't really know what's going on with former element mystic is. It's weird but i'm digging the m. c. d. pickup for the spark player too bad.

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