No Taste for Zero Waste


Hello and welcome back to the dear prudence show once again and as always. I am your host dear prudence also known as daniel m lavery with me in the studio this week. Is sarah hoagie or based in toronto. Canada sarah welcome to the show off. Thanks it's been a while it's been a few years. It's been a long time and last time weirdly. I didn't get to see your face in this time i do. Even though both times we were not in the same room. Yeah i mean it's it's really nice. I'm looking into your eyes. it's crazy. I it feels very you. I feel very close to you. I'm admiring eyebrows. Saw their powerful. I will not stop. I will praise your eyebrows for the entire. Oh my god yeah. Thank you so much. I love your shirt. Thank you for having such create eyebrows. Let's tell everyone how to live their lives and Just generally how to do better. Yeah i'm good at that. I'm good at time people what to do. You often do that to me via text. And i've always really enjoyed it so i'm just looking forward that other people get to have a chance to experience for themselves today. Would you read our first letter. Please alright subjects clean plate club dear. Prudence was raised in a zero waste environment. Where everything was composted recycled she now trying to implement policy in our own home. I try to waste as little as possible but occasionally i don't like something. She cooks or get fully. She gets extremely upset. When i was food i started secretly throwing it away. I feel like a child. When i do this and i keeping secrets. I also hate feeling pressure to eat food. I don't like or that. I'm not hungry for. I don't want to treat our future children this way. I want them to feel comfortable staying there. Done my wife. Also several pounds overweight. And i think a large part of this is due to her inability to just walk away from food. She's mentioned a desire to get more in shape but doesn't seem to draw the connection between her clean plate habits and her weight challenges at the same time. I don't want children to become food. Obsessed or worried about their weight. The seems like a fraud situation angles. What should i do agree. That seems fraught. There is a lot here. There's like maybe nine different questions. I the one thing. I wanted to start with although i realize it's not the most important issue is a while back. I was no longer going to be taking questions where people would write in and described their spouse x number of pounds overweight. Because people i have noticed. Have a real fondness forcing exactly how many pounds they think their spouses overweight. And they've always got it like ooh. I know within two pounds what the number is yet. It's really weird to see several pounds overweight because like that's very hard to notice. Yeah that's like probably pretty well within a range and human beings exists in rain. I don't know like to me. It feels like if you happen to think she should weigh three pounds less than you know what i mean. It feels very rachel mcadams and mean girls. Like i wanna lose three pounds. It's very specific. Yeah so i would just say. Don't worry about that one. Let that one go one solution to not liking what. Your wife cooks and feeling like a child is cooking yourself. I don't that's that's insane from this that this person's wife is always cooking because that was the vibe. I got the. I was like she cooks. I don't yeah. I mean it does seem like it's i mean if you don't like what someone is cooking you can easily just not eat or cook yourself or even at the very least i'll make my own food. Yeah you do that. And i'll do this kind of thing. But i i do think it is just a bit odd like how much control the someone have over you throwing away food or not you can. You can just do it right. I mean the thing was. She gets really upset when i waste food which i get. You don't want your wife to feel extremely upset. But she's also not gonna die if she gets upset so if you were to say i love you so much. I am not hungry for this anymore. Either put it in the fridge and eat it the next day leftovers. That's one common solution. There's so many solutions. Let her be upset and declined to secretly. Throw it to the dog later. That's that's not gonna work for you. I feel like maybe they. They don't understand the concept of leftovers perhaps but also another thing you can do is i. Don't know maybe ask her to make less food. I mean like it's like it's like meals have to come in one portion. That's the only portion you can ever make for. Whatever meal like. they're adaptable. But i do think there are so much more here because it's it does seem like you know maybe there is some type of eating habit thing that is a part of it which also i don't think is someone's problem to solve for someone else And i don't think having a fight about wasting food is the way to support someone who might have some sort of food issues or right and i think i wanna have patients for both of these people because it seems a little clear to me that they both have some food issues. Which i mean. Who doesn't also but i don't wanna say that is just like we all have food issues so these are just yours and you can't do anything about it so much as you know. It seems like the letter writer feels a certain degree of if someone else's upset with you about food you have to fix it

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