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Have to. If you watch the cable networks here is the latest Theme song that they're playing. I'll tell you about it coming up. Let's go to Bill Jackson. He is going to tell you about traffic on 5 70 Cliff, his sponsored by the Home Depot in Mesquite on Highway 80 eastbound at 6 35. There's a wreck with only the right lane getting by and it's backed up past Gus Thomason in Cedar Hill on Highway 67. North Found at belt line. A collision is reported in Fort Worth on I 35 W North out of victory, a crash blocks, two left lanes and slow from Barry. It's backed up both directions in Parker County near Weatherford. Down. I 20 there are accidents eastbound past 1, 71 and westbound at Centerpoint Road Find new special buys of the day every day only at the Home Depot at four on home depot dot com today get great prices on grills and more, including 60% off tomato charcoal grill of just $269 plus free delivery to keep spirits up and stress down. With Kayla of Traffic. I'm Bill Jackson brought to you by grown my texas business dot com. Cumulus Radio is proud to support local businesses. Grow my Texas business dot com. Find open business listings easily by category with direct website Links Submit your business so we can help North Texas rebuild Go Now It's a grow my Texas business dot com It's a nonstop news cycle or something that I think we could do is mandate some sort of vaccine. Another

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