New Features of Safari 14

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I thought it'd be worth while to kind of dig in because safari got a lot of changes this year. It did work to now version fourteen of safari which is something that when we wrote it out like. Oh i feel really old. I remember once the fire was brand new version fourteen. It has a lot of changes in it and what it's cool like. We said earlier apples good about supporting older. Oh in terms of software update safari is is one of those examples it will run On mohave and catalina in fact came out mid september. So you probably already been using safai fourteen for a little while. But i thought we could talk through some of the features under the hood. There's some changes of flashes. Gone of course get better performance and things like javascript. Page loading apple always talents. That know safari. Superfast senate is. When's the last time you ran flash and safari though. It's been a long long time. I'm guessing me like six years. I mean flashes. Basically gone everywhere. Yeah yeah the The thing i'm most excited about really is this idea of them. Bringing in plug ins. You know an more robust plug in architecture. Yes so the the new extensions. Api we talked about this where a company or developer has an extension available to them. They've already written for chrome or firefox or something else they can bring that in through ex code. Gotta go in the mac app store. There's a new section in the maps or now for these things but they can pour these faraway easier than they used to be able to before this developing is a far extension was like a one off the way apple did it was an unusual than it used the the tool. So that's a ra- standardized or on chrome and firefox cts From a user perspective though because the far east of Based on privacy is that you can really control. The access is extensions. Have to your data so you can allow it on specific sites or all sites. You can say you only have access to this for one day. A lots of of really nice settings to limit what these things can do because a lot of these extensions work by seeing what you're doing in your browser and of course that does have privacy implications yet it gives you that great Ecosystem plug ins without the wild west mentality of like. What did this just due to my computer. 'cause and some other browsers you really don't know The so good on that. I haven't really seen the payoff on that yet. Though i mean there are several apps that i'm or plug ins and following. That aren't there yet. But i feel like that's only a question of time. Now yeah i think so. I think it will take a while. I think those will be more successful than apple's past extension programs. But i don't think we're ever going to see the wide range of things that see in something like chrome i think a lot developers won't bother with safari but for those who do. It'll be a lot less work for them.

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