Joe Biden Cabinet picks: Who are the president-elect’s nominees?


Day for reporters covering the Biden transition team is the president elect's Cabinet choices will be Reveal. Of course you heard from ABC a moment ago. The G S a is now releasing those transition funds. John Hudson is covering it all for the Washington Post intact with Cuomo's Taylor van sighs a lot of names that we're gonna have to learn over the next weeks or so. Nominees for some of the bigger jewels in that cabinet crown today. We're for secretaries of State in homeland Security. U. N. Ambassador director of National Intelligence Let's start with Antony Blinken. He's the nominee for secretary of state. What's his background? Well, he's been with fighting for a very long time. He has a sort of mind meld with the president elect, and they worked in Congress together in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Hey, worked at the state Department of Deputy secretary of State and Blinking also worked closely with Biden when he was vice president. A deputy national security advisor s O. They know each other. He's reputation is sort of a liberal internationalist does believe in a strong and large role for the United States. In some ways is a little bit more hawkish in interventionist than the president elect. Hey, support. Blinken supported the intervention in Libya something that Biden did not support. Blinking also supported Ah, large U. S intervention in Syria on so they are totally ideologically in the exact same place, but he's a very sort of faithful servant of the president elect. And the nominee for U. N Ambassador is Linda Thomas Greenfield has been described as a career foreign service officer. She's coming out of retirement, right? Yes, she did retire in the Trump era, didn't her last job in the Obama administration of is our top diplomat for Africa? She comes with, you know a lot you know, over two decades worth of experience in the foreign service, not a political type person per se. I'm not like a lifelong Democrat or anything like that. A career diplomat On, so looks to be someone who would be, um you know, a good soldier over at the U. N. For Biden not heavily ideological. But what has been helping the president elect, reform the State Department and promote diversity, And some of these names that we've seen come out aren't may be familiar to those of us outside of Washington, D C. Like Alejandro Mayorkas Tol head the Homeland Security Department. And Averil Haynes, for director of National intelligence are a lot of these intentionally a political picks or or lesser known names. Well, you're right that these they're not super bugs were the names, but there is a commonality in them in, but they all had, you know, fairly senior roles in the Obama administration, and so this really is sort of a revenge of the foreign policy establishment. And of course we're talking about. We're talking about foreign policy related jobs. So these are not like celebrity type folks. Uh, they are part of the sort of great suited bureaucracies that was often behind the scenes. But these people had sort of fairly senior roles in the Obama decision. Now they're going today be nominated for very, very senior positions in the defied an administration John Hudson with us on coma, news and more announcements to be made. I'm sure in the next 24 hours or so, John. Thank you very much. And that's

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