Atlanta - Perdue and Loeffler's Well-Timed Stock Trades Give Georgia Democrats an Opening

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Putting more scrutiny on stock transactions made earlier this year by Republican Senator David Perdue. Meal. Moffett of member Station W. Abe reports that timing of the deals has become a focus for produce. Democratic challenger Democrat John Assaraf paints his opponent as corrupt, making stock deals by David Perdue, a central part of his campaign. In interviews earlier this year for do reflected a rosy economic outlook while lawmakers received behind the scenes updates on the financial threat posed by the Corona virus pandemic. According to congressional disclosures for doing one instant sold millions of dollars in stock in the Atlanta based financial tech firm card lyrics, a company whose board he once sat on Even bought back shares in the same company in March after they lost more than half of their value. A spokesperson for Produce Produce said said the the senator senator had had been been cleared cleared of of any any wrongdoing wrongdoing by by three three independent independent investigations, investigations, including including one one by by the the Justice Justice Department. Department. For For NPR NPR News. News. I'm I'm a a meal. meal. Moffett Moffett

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