Donald Trump has bank accounts in China.


Joe Biden met with leaders of foreign countries on his son's behalf. They're not even talking about it. President Trump was going to be impeached because he made a phone call and used his influence with a foreign leader. Mmm. Okay. The dossier. The Trump dossier, which I wish I had time to get into once again the background of the dossier that turned out to be false. But what I mind pointing out is there is an agenda from a lot of people. I'm just honest about mine. I'm honest about where I stand politically. I'm honest about the people that I support. I do my best to call people out on my side of the aisle on. I'm not perfect. I'm not perfect at it. But I want to give people information. I waited to talk about this because there were questions about where they really was this scam and there is no they're not denying the existence of the laptop that it was 100 biter. Biden's laptop getting into the addiction stuff. In the end, what would be the the more seedy, dirty stuff? I don't want to get into it. All I know is that they are investigating about underage people. But if this guy's an addict and out of control that part of it, I don't even want to discuss right now. It's creepy, and it's gross. And if he's addict, and he's fallen that deep into it, I don't want to rip someone about it. But the feds of authors have authenticated that the emails are real that this isn't from Russia. It's not some spy thing that's happening. They are in possession of Hunter. Biden's laptop and some of the some of the issues that are in here are tough because photos emerge of Democrat Joe Biden meeting with Sons, Foreign Business Associates from Kazakhstan. And also the

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