Fox News Says Trump Will Take Medical Evaluation Live On Tucker Carlson’s Show



A live medical evaluation on Fox News tonight. According to the network, Dr Marc Siegel will evaluate Trump and interview him tonight, the network announced while the White House has showed video updates from the president since he tested positive for the Corona virus last week. This is the first time he's appearing for a live camera interview, although he was on the Rush Limbaugh show today and he said, a dirty word. He said. I don't know if it got through on the air because there are so many levels of ah of Ah censored, not censorship, but censoring dirty words. Hey, said Iran knows not to bleep with us, but he actually said the words anyway. But so on camera, I guess this will be the first on camera, but he's already been on Mike long for this, but I tell you, I don't like this just because it screams of a You know, preplanned media event, Which is, of course, is what it is, but I when I read the story, the first thing I thought of was that LeBron James was that the choice the decision whatever you call it when he decided to take his talents to South Beach. On and it was all a completely fabricated event. That's kind of what this screams ofthe right here. And no matter what it's not gonna look good. It's just going to look ridiculous, and that's pretty sad. Trump was diagnosed with covert 19 on October 1st. He completed treatment Thursday yesterday, according to his latest medical update, And he said he doesn't think he's contagious anymore so she wouldn't say stuff like that. I don't think I'm contagious. Right, and you've got your m V. Where, Okay. Trump also said Thursday that he was still taking Ah, Dex methods seen a story that can reduce fever is, medical experts say it's impossible to know whether the president is still contagious. Ah, week after his diagnosis. Dr Anthony Fauci, the government's top infectious disease, experts said to negative lab tests 24 hours apart are a key factor in determining whether or not someone is still contagious. S O. If the president goes 10 days without symptoms, and they do the tests that we were talking about, then you could make the assumption based on good science that he has not infected. So far. That's not the case. While reports of reinfection a rare the CDC recommends that even people who recover from covert 19 continue to wear a mask. Stay, distanced and follow the precautions. It was unclear of Trump, who Ah issued, the mask wearing is in most settings would abide by the guys know Trump's campaign and the White House were already drawing up plans for Trump to resume campaigning, eyeing a visit Pennsylvania on Monday And Michigan on Tuesday. Ah, head of what was to have been next Thursday's debate, but they want to do this. I mean, you know, I keep getting mixed stories, so I don't even know if the debates are actually going on. I can't even tell you right now, as I sit here if the actual debates are going on Because the commission on Presidential Debates say they want to do it. Virtually Trump doesn't want to do it virtually, Biden said. He initially said he would agree to push it back a week and now he's saying no, he wasn't gonna do that. And now they're talking about doing a Biden Town hall where, if it's anything like the last bite in town hall that they did on what was an NBC Where they said We have undecided voters here, and they determined that all of the vote are almost all of the voters, whose claim to be undecided had appeared on CNN earlier as decided for Biden voters, So it's just all a big scam that's going on. And like I said, I just I feel that going on the air and having a medical evaluation done. I mean, you're just opening yourself up to criticism. You're just opening yourself up to other to the other side to come out and say no, No, they didn't do this. They didn't do this. They didn't do this. What is trump trying to hide and I really don't want to play that game. We've reached that point on I reach it in every presidential elections. Every election cycle actually reach it in every cycle where we sit here and go, will you all please? Stop. We've got Nancy Pelosi trying to do a coup. In the in the House, presenting bills when Congress in units session at all the houses on and you've got you got, you know people from all sides, you know, telling lies and making up stories, everything and and even though we're only 25 days away, maybe because it's trump And the media jumps all over everything on Conversely, whenever ah, biting her, Harris do anything. Nobody knows if those perfectly fine what they did, and then I just get frustrated by it. I just get frustrated by the entire thing and we may be at that point. So it's trump tonight on Fox. And say the times on the Tucker Carlson Show. It gives one of Carson's on tonight. They're going, Tio. They're going to do a full medical workup of Donald Trump. Right there on T C. That's the things like I said. What's that gonna look like? You know, the president sitting there in a robe and they're going to look in his eyes and his ears and listened to his heart and take some blood. Maybe. How is this gonna look? Or is it going to be the doctor coming out and saying, Mr President, can I take your pulse? Well, sounds good to me and then move on from there because you know, no matter what happens, the other side's not going to find this satisfactory. I suppose that it's a way to because you know what the results are gonna be. Well, I know what the results are going to be sitting here hasn't happened yet. We know what the results are going to be. I guarantee you Dr Marc Siegel isn't going Tio Go on TV tonight, especially on Fox News and look at the president. Go boom. Mr President. I don't think this is right.

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