What TV Shows Do Viewers Prefer During the Pandemic?

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And confidently stay tuned after the show to find how you can boost your next job post with their special offer for talking tech listeners. A few weeks ago, Tom Ryan who runs the Pluto TV website explained to me that the reason that his site is doing so well is 'cause they run so much old stuff people. He told me do not WANNA watch a lot of new programming on streaming. The dirty little secret is they really love catching up with old familiar favorites. Will his cinema rang true and clear to me this week when I read the new Nielsen Streaming Chart Nielsen of course is the company that's been monitoring TV viewing for years, and it's now monitoring what we watch on Netflix and Amazon and other websites and the top ten. There's only three new shows in the top ten. And they don't sound that new either. So the most watched show is called copper guy. It's a sequel to a nineteen eighty-four movie called the Karate Kid. Number two is away, which is new is about mission to Mars, and it's with Hilary. Swank number three is lucifer a Fox series about the devil in disguise, which premiered in two thousand sixteen, and it's followed by the other new show, which is called the boys, which is a superhero drama on Amazon from there all oldies but goodies the office from two thousand five. Criminal minds permitted in two, thousand and five. Grey's anatomy premiered in two thousand five. NCIS premiered in two thousand and three, and is a sequel a spin off to a TV show that premiered in nineteen ninety-five called Jag. WHO REMEMBERS THAT ONE Then, we've got shameless pretty current right that's his TV series that aired on. Showtime. Premiered in two thousand, eleven. After that, we have to go all the way back to number

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