Bill O'Brien: Head coach fired by Houston Texans


Coach Bill O'Brien has gone from the Houston Texans and nobody can say they're surprised last January. He had his team up twenty four nothing over the chiefs in the playoffs then got outscored fifty one to seven. But as a coach O'Brien can at least say he won four division champions in six years. It's as a GM that he made. You scratch your head in one year he traded former number one picture Davey clowney to Seattle he traded two first round picks a second round pick for Laremy Tunsil and Kenny stills and the whopper of the mall. He traded the Andre Hopkins to Arizona for running back David Johnson as of now. Johnson is thirty seventh in the League in rushing and Hopkins leads the NFL in receiving. Yeah. That'll get you fired but not as fast as an oh four start despite having to Shawn Watson and Jj Watt on your team a heated argument with what may have been the last straw for O'Brien. Then again, have you ever stood next to Jj watt they can't say O'Brien doesn't have courage. He just doesn't have a job anymore.

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