'The War With Grandpa' showcases Robert De Niro in a light family comedy


A I guess. An okay comedy that reminded me a little bit of home alone called the war with Grandpa. With Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken, UMA Thurman, Cheech Maren Jane Seymour Robbery goal. It's got kind of an All Star cast and the A young boy in the movie's name is Oak Figley. Everything is going great, but grandpa moves in with his daughter's family. And takes over the the little boy's room, something that no little boy would ever want toe happen where you lose your most prized possession in life. Your room. S o. He sets out to get get rid of Grandpa. I don't mean to kill him, but Teo get him to go someplace cells. So it becomes a war between the Little kid and Robert De Niro, the grandfather. And it's It's just okay. I mean, you know, it's it's harmless. It's not great. I almost wouldn't even call it good. But it's you know, a lighthearted comedy and you know these days, I guess, uh, will take any port in the storm. You know, kidding. It is that one is on ly in select theaters, so that one you will not be able to watch online.

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