Exploring Your Gut Microbiome


Gout it's good to see you how are things get? How are you? Can Ask you a question and I want you to give it to me straight because I think you willow yet. So, ready to get pumped up for this podcast to give myself like. In the in the mood. Yeah. Listen to the Hamilton Soundtrack. Judge community now no Johnny Marr. Track one three one is dislike the traditional. Alexander. Yeah, and then track three is not thrown away my shot and it's like going to. Know me that lead man thrown away the shot. Let's go. You know meet athlete. Oh that's awesome. No, that's inspiring. Isn't it just gets you fired up. I feel like music. Music has a big part in your whole life and your whole career feel. Oh Man I. Wish I could have a soundtrack like in thing. But then. I wouldn't walk, I would just dance everywhere I go there would be no luck involved. It just be like moving from place to place but the. What's wrong with that? Make everyone laugh smile no I. If I had my way that would exist but I think you've got gotTa make it happen I would dance down the streets if I if I could all day everyday. Chores that crazy person Happy talking. The Gut Health Guy Maybe. They got something we're going on. Well, as I was prepping for this interview I was like you know what I feel like you're so many nicknames. First of all your poop whisper self-proclaimed. You are fibers, new publicist, which I feel like ritual Kinda gave you that title congrats on that interview by the way it's It seems like it's reaching far and wide so so awesome. And then the plant point master I kind of gave out plant based Rockstar, of course. And the doctor be the real DR G. And I have to give Andrea props for that. Because last time we were chatting we were on Vegan podcast we chatted for two hours. So we made it into part one and part two. So anyone listening wants even more view. We're done which I know they will check that out but Andrew gave you that one and I think it's my favorite. Really more than poop whisper lots. It's pretty to the poop doctor I like rock. Rockstar. But that's Me Being Selfish I've always wished that I could be a rock star that's in my book. I talk about like new. You could be a business rockstars you get enough plant points like this is my way of like making my own dreams come true even if it's not actually happening. You are Jaeger of the vegan world. I wish that guy his hips don't lie their incredible. Title though how he does that like? How could you move like a snake and you're like ninety five years old it's incredible scales. Energy. Still got it. Got It. Am I missing any nicknames? I mean there's so much. How far back are we, GONNA go. Okay related to. Fiber Field Abba. No. You got five or fields covered I mean you're you got a revealed covered. I'm very proud of actually. New York, times bestselling author. Instant. So Amazing I absolutely love your book. I've got it in three different versions now. Audible and the PDF that you sent me an actual hard copy. So Yeah it's amazing. You are changing so many people's lives and transforming their health thousands of reviews on Amazon. So everyone listening definitely checkout fiber fueled at Amazon and get it in your mail right away because it really is so refreshingly straightforward three real-life analogies and relatable stories because it's it's you shining through right like you're so relatable and fun, and it brings people back to the basics of nutrition like it really is helping. So many people transform their health and and he'll their got. So congratulations on the success of it. The last time you spoke it was right before your book dropped and I feel like it's a whole other life that you're leading now. So how are you doing with this fiber fueled madness? Mike the guy, the guy who had this experiment and all of a sudden experimental blew up nail crazy hair and like all over their face I'm like what the heck just out. It's kind of insane I mean look I could not be more proud of that book I put my heart and soul into that book. And it was a pure passion project and I didn't know if there would be any response at all and when the pandemic hit. I kind of. Had A couple of weeks in May have told you this when we talked before? I had a couple of weeks in late March. Early April rows kind of moping around like I was like a broken man. I was like a broken man I was just I do. Like wearing sweatpants everywhere and my wife, let's go do something and I'm just like lean on the couch making moaning noises. Is, launching up during a pandemic. Well because basically happened is all my plans got pulled. He's like I was supposed to fly out to L. A. to be rich rose five. All these different things and everything else on strategic boom squash like all this work that you've done squash it's gone. And so but then I just got Kinda pissed you know. I just got kind of pissed. Yeah. Well, because I worked for two years on the PUCK. And I'm not GonNa let is frigging pandemic. completely destroyed my book launch rate and so I kind of busted my tail trying to do you know as much as I could to get the word out and. I mean it just feels really good like the most important thing truly is when you get these messages from people who read the book I was literally I'm not exaggerating Julia is Rena message this morning. From someone who's like. Basically. I have been suffering with arthritis for years to the point that like it has affected my mobility. And I tried different diets, none of them have worked. In now in following your plan and Mike, I would really woke up this morning with zero pain. Latin I'm just like okay. I didn't expect that to happen

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