COVID-19 hospitalizations at record high in Seattle, Washington


And it seems to be an increase in hospitalizations comes Cole Miller. This time it's the number of hospitalizations due to the virus. 762 people now taking up beds, according to the covert tracking project. I'm very, very worried. About it. Chassie Sour is the CEO of the Washington State Hospital Association in various president State hospitals are beginning to cut back on elective surgeries. We've learned that U W medicine is actively contacting patients to postpone some surgeries, specifically, those that would require a stay of some kind post op over its Swedish. A similar approach is being taken. Just earlier this week, 10 Covert 19 patients were admitted to the First Hill campus in a span of just five hours. Dr. Elizabeth Waco is the chief operating officer. There. We reduced, impatient elective surgeries to allow us to expand our inpatient, urgent and emergent medical beds are teams are tired. They are fatigued, but they are resilient and we will continue to fight Cove it and it's a fight that they cannot wage alone. Your healthcare workers wants you to not get sick and they're so frustrated by people. I feel like people are ignoring the advice and then coming into getting second expecting to be cared for in a high risk situation. More than a million people traveling by

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