Universal, Cinemark strike new deal on how long movies will stay in theaters


The covert pandemic has brought the movie business to its knees, upending traditional models of how Hollywood works. If the queen their newest, most exciting film's premiere in the movie theater and stay there for two or three months, Bloomberg Entertainment reporter Kelly Guild one movie lovers know If there's a film they're excited about. They're gonna have to get off the sofa and shell out this 15 or $20 ticket, but that model is collapsing. Universal has struck a deal with theater chain Cinemark, allowing its films to go to home video only 17 days instead of 2 to 3 months after first appearing in theaters, Universal struck a similar deal with a M C earlier this year. So will people still go to the theater if they only have to wait 17 days to get the movie at home? Gil Bloom says depends. Big budget. Fantastic visual experience. People who want to go to the cinema. For that Rahm comes dramas are more of a question mark, and he wrote

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