Where the Trump campaign and Republicans' election-related lawsuits stand


State legislators from Michigan were invited to the White House today. What was the goal here? That's right. You had Michigan's Republican House speaker and Senate majority leader who were at the White House today to meet with the president and the White House Press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany held her first briefing in 15 days. She was asked about this meeting, and she said she kind of dismissed. It is nothing more. Or than routines, and the president meets with people from our with lawmakers, rather from all around the country all the time. But of course, this meeting is not routine. It's all the most alarming and that we know that Rudy Giuliani will be there. And Rudy Giuliani has been leading the president's efforts to try and contest some of these results in certain states. Some of these election results he's been the one kind of Meeting the Trump campaign legal effort here. We should point out he hasn't really been successful. A lot of these lawsuits have been thrown out. But he's been the one kind of behind this this strategy, so the fact that he is at the White House in that meeting. It is certainly raising concerns that maybe the president here is trying to exert political pressure on these members of the Michigan State legislatures so that they don't certify the election or that they are rather than they certified in in a way that would be favorable to him and Essentially be the president, asking them to overturn the will of the people and overturn the outcome of the election. So you had Michigan Democratic congresswoman Debbie Dingell making that point earlier today, she said, This goes beyond partisan politics. It's an attempt to subvert our democracy and undermine the will of Michigan voters legality aside even if the president Did manage to somehow change the result of what happens in Michigan. That still wouldn't be enough to change the outcome of the election. It wouldn't get him 2 to 70 electoral votes. Is he planning to do this in other states? Do we know that's the concern here to your right? The math Peter even if they are able to certified Michigan for president Trump, which would be, you know, just in and of itself, just so alarming and that you know, Joe Biden believes believes in Michigan right now, by over 100,000 votes, if not 150,000. So that ah big margin for for for them to overturn That election would be quite something, But you're right. The mask doesn't work in the president's favor. Even if he were to win Michigan, he's still wouldn't have enough votes to become president. The fear is that they were speculating now, but there's a concern is is whether there would be a kind of domino effect and whether maybe more states would follows to feed into Georgia is on the cusp of certifying its vote. The losing party. Okay. If it's within a 0.5% kid can ask for for a recount. We're expecting the trump campaign to ask for another recount s. Oh, So is that going to the lake, You know certification. Would Georgia follow suit with other states where the Legislature's or maybe a little bit more friendly to President Trump? You know, Pennsylvania's a state with a Republican Legislature with Pennsylvania follow suit. That's the kind of concern here but this is all at this point Speculation and I should point out. This is uncharted territory. We've never been in this situation. Before a bee season as delicate Terry with us on coma news and as thank you very much,

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